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In the 21st century no matter how organizations and companies try to prevent mistreatment of particular groups sadly it still exists in forms of institutional discrimination The three given articles gave a vast explanation of the issue of Institutional Discrimination and how it affects an individual from growing or promoting to a better job The dictionary definition of institutional discrimination refers to the unfair and unjust treatment of particular groups or individuals by the society through intentional or unintentional decisions to discriminate Throughout history discriminating ones groups and cultures into particular subgroups were a part of life for the White population The three articles are prime examples of institutional discrimination by discriminating against one s skin color by discriminating particular jobs for certain genders and how the criminal justice system is unfair to the black community compared to the white The article Institutional Racism is Our Way of Life states a lot of statistics on institutional discrimination through some legit sources such as the American Psychological Association also the Education Departments Civil Rights Office and how it is still developing in the United States

For example the author of the article Jeff Nesbit believes that institutional racism begins in school and develops its way up towards later in life For example surprisingly Black preschoolers are more likely to be suspended compared to the white children Discrimination can also be distinguish in the court system where Black children tend to be eighteen times more likely to be sentenced as an adult compared to the white children even for the similar crime Black children hold the sixty percentages of children that are incarcerated in the justice system In general the statistical gap overall between how well the White communities are doing compared to the Black communities is enormous For example when it comes to the household income between the two races the White household manages to gain about 91 000 a year whereas compared to a Black household where it is about only 7 000 sadly the numbers have tripled in the last twenty five years The net worth of the White household manages to go up a quarter of a million dollars whereas the net worth of the Black families are barely thirty thousand dollar The article Institutional Discrimination by Jo Freeman states a different perspective toward the Institutional discrimination in the workplace According to Jo Freeman the discrimination process begins with the recruitment process she stated that the all jobs especially better jobs are usually not advertised The only way to be aware of such job are by being informed by friends and colleagues which leaded to the patterns of association which prevents member of other groups from getting the job 

In chapter 1 of the book Multiculturalism in the Criminal Justice System provides an example of recruitment discrimination in the work field it states that at in the United States of American at one point firefighters and police officers had a strict requirement of height and weight for their candidate However due to several lawsuits many fire and police department got rid of any criteria that were not related to the performance Jo Freeman also stated in her article that another effect of discrimination is when supervisors tend to discriminate and discourage other employee from wanting better job positions The discouragement tends to break the self confidence of the employee who now believes that he or she is not worthy of the position for the better job In the last article The Three Theories of Discrimination in the Brown Collar Workplace by Leticia M Saucedo tries to focus on the issue whether hard working conditions and poor wages are the explained as simply exploitative conditions characteristic of low wage workplace Saucedo 2009 She also focuses on why certain companies target immigrants for particular jobs which eventually can be characterized as discriminatory Leticia M Saucedo has successfully explained the difficulties faces by an immigrant woman named Nancy she is a touch up painter who works along with male workers who are all Latino immigrants 

This article is the prime definition with examples of Nancy s work life with institutional discrimination for example her coworkers and her supervisors discouraged her by informing her that it is was not type of work she can handle She was also told that she was not strong enough to do the job and when she complained about her work environment she was humiliated by her supervisor who ridiculed and humiliated her for complain claiming they did not understand how she deserved equal treatment when she needed to be accommodated for her weaknesses as a woman Saucedo 2009 It is a long way till finally to overcome such discrimination in the workplace and in the criminal justice system It is important to be aware of such circumstances and it is what is driving the current tension over the world and hope for the change Currently for example in some areas of North Carolina have developed a plan to fight institutional discrimination which now includes minorities who were once prohibited to be a part of the community are now joining the police or fire department to be a part of the community

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