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Organizations have been established for the explicit purpose of achieving certain goals Scott and Davis 2015 p 28 Organizational structure or design can be defined as a tool or methodology used to identify dysfunctional aspects of an organization as well as develop and implement strategic and tactical plans leading them to fit current and future business goals Organizations come in a wide variety of size and shapes Therefore a well designed organization ensures that the form of the organization matches its purposes and the more effective the organizational design the more significant the improvements on results However every organizational structure has its benefits and risks to the organization s mechanism In one hand the concept of a social or informal organization focus in the template of activity and interpersonal relationships developed inside the organization which are not reflected in the organizational chart An informal organization is intensely personal Individuals may bring their own interests values and assumptions to the roles and offices they occupy 

Their organizational behaviour is as much based on their personalities as on their formal duties Workers develop affinities friendships and enemies and consequently trusted sources of information Roethlisberger and Dickson 2003 p 401 and Scott 1987 This approach fulfils the social needs of the team members and enhances results in a sense of belongingness among them satisfaction and productivity On the other hand according to Scott the rational organization can be defined as collectivities oriented to the pursuit of relatively specified goals and exhibiting relatively formalized social structures Scott 1987 p 23 Formal structure is primarily concerned with the relationship between authority and subordinate A typical centralized organization chart illustrates the formal structure in a company Like shown in the case study There are clearly defined goals for example when a specific strategy was developed to achieve cost savings and service improvements or when detailed procedures have been drawn up for each function to help improve consistency of service Defined job titles and roles of each member for example the clinical support directorate gives clear directions about what needs to be done each day allocating each task to a member of the staff There are financial obligations and clear lines of authority for each box on the organization chart It's also a business where the process of management should be rational and predictable After analyzing the theory of both rational and social organizations and the case study it could be evidenced that Welton NHS Trust uses the rational organizational structure Like every other structure formal organizations have its strengthens and weakness

One of the advantages is the scientifically based data This knowledge promotes a solid base for good consistent and high quality informed decision making thus reducing chances of errors assumptions subjectivity risks and uncertainties However this strengthens takes us to a weakness despite being assertive decisions the decision making process is very slow In fact this process requires careful consideration and deliberation of data Especially for complex decisions it is time consuming and can also be expensive sometimes The time taken to work through decision making steps can result in missed opportunities The HR manager of Welton NHS Trust were asked to take some time to observe what she thought was going on and it took her six weeks to talk and observe the different departments and make key discoveries for example Another advantage is the high level of specialization and division of work NHS employees have access to a package of work related training and development for example Discipline consistency responsibility and logic are some extra concepts related to this organizational approach strangeness s However one of the biggest disadvantages beyond the slow decision making of the rational model is that there is no social needs considered There is a lack of concern for ethical considerations which can lead to issues for the business In fact workers become inefficient due to their lack of motivation and job satisfaction Workers are no longer happy nor enjoy going to work anymore and don t recognize the essence of the organization anymore For example some staff have been working for 12 days in a row without break Formal and informal structures can be beneficial or detrimental to a company depending on how well they are understood and used 

There are times when the informal structure conflicts with the formal structure making it important to understand the intricacies of both structures Considering putting some informal structures into a more formal role and decentralize the organization in some way may be the most efficient way to manage For example after identifying considerable concerns in order to improve productivity service quality efficiency and consequently customer and workers satisfaction the A E department started a decentralization process and involved their team with the organization s projects by letting them make suggestions regarding the areas they think the department should look at References Derby Slides 2017 Roethlisberger F and Dickson W 2003 Management and the worker London Psychology Press Scott W 1987 Organizations rational natural and open systems 2nd Edition Englewood Cliffs N J Prentice Hall Scott W and Davis G 2015 Organizations and Organizing Rational Natural and Open Systems Perspectives Routledge Thompson J D 1967 Organizations in Action Social Science Bases of Administrative Theory New Brunswick Transaction Publishers

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