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Climate Change Over the past 200 years we have underestimated mother nature We have changed how the natural system works and its balance Our way of life has surpassed the limits of the natural world and we are facing a massive environmental challenge that no one is ready for It is time to change and create awareness about how threatening and disastrous Earth could end It is imperative to know that nature and wildlife complements the way we live and without it there would not be any stability To define correctly climate change I think is significant to define what is weather and what is climate We all know what weather is it is the changes that we perceive and sense outdoors Also weather is subjective to a specific place On the other hand climate is the habitual weather of an area or location Throughout the seasons weather and climate may change this causes the diversity in weather in all locations in Earth This would be Earth's climate the collaboration of all the climates around the world happening simultaneously What is climate change Climate change is a change in the normal weather found in a specific place The change could be in how much rain falls in a certain amount of time It could also be a change in the temperature Climate change can also refer to a change in Earth's climate 

This could be a change in Earth's habitable temperature or it could be a change in where snow or rain typically fall on Earth It is important to take into account that weather can change in a short amount of time but climate takes hundreds or millions of years to make a change Many aspects can cause climate to vary all on its own Earth's distance from the star we call sun can alter and the sun can release out more or less energy Our oceans the way they function can change The way a volcano erupts it can affect our climate Last but not least humans can impact climate too Every day we see people driving cars Most houses have heaters and coolers to keep themselves with a steady temperature Everyone cooks food everyone has trash and uses gasoline All these things aforementioned take a lot of energy The way we acquire energy is by burning coal gas oil etc Burning these materials deposits gases into the air and atmosphere Therefore these gases will heat up the air contributing to climate change the change of Earth's climate As we have seen climate change is real As a result of climate change there have been some kinds of preventions and agreements that have been surfaced these past few years One of them is the Paris 

Agreement It's an agreement of the UNFCCC associated with greenhouse gas emissions mitigation adaptation and finance beginning in the year 2020 Its aim is to fortify the response to the menace of climate change by keeping a global temperature rise this century well below 2 degrees Celsius above pre industrial levels and to seek efforts to limit the temperature increase even further to 1 5 degrees Celsius To achieve these goals proper financial flows technologies and an enhanced capacity building framework will be established thus supporting action by developing countries and the most vulnerable countries in line with their own national purpose There is going to be a global stocktake every few years to verify the collaborative progress to achieving the purpose of the Agreement and to inform further individual actions by Parties Every country has agreed to join the agreement except Syria and Nicaragua There were several essential elements of The Paris Agreement Some of them were climate change mitigation climate change adaptation etc Climate change mitigation refers to the measures taken to prevent or reduce climate change principally by avoiding greenhouse gas emissions Mitigation increases the capacity of the carbon sinks and reducing the emissions of environmentally dangerous substances Climate change adaptation seeks to reduce the risks by the consequences of climatic changes Both elements will needed because even if emissions are reduced significantly in the next decade adaptation will still be needed to deal with the global changes that are happening right now and will still happen in the future Climate change is so catastrophic that it affects all living and nonliving things on Earth The response of human and environmental systems to this phenomenon is uncertain because we don t know the exact consequences it will bring us That's why all of us should start working together to prevent further losses We are damaging our own home it is time to stand up and protect it Even though this is our home we do not own it We are visitors and it is important to take care of this planet for future generations That's what we at least owe the planet for protecting us

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