Essay Example on Over the years I have constantly been striving to add value to Myself









This drive has helped me pursued academic distinctions and paved the way for a promising future As the improvement of one's intellect and physical capacities is also the correct means of contributing to humanity I graduated with a First Class honors degree in Accounting and Finance from Fourah Bay College University of Sierra Leone In this first ever university to be established in Sub Saharan Africa my constant strides to achieve academic excellence yielded fruits I ranked top in my class As a result of my exemplary performance the University in collaboration with the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank presented me an award plaque and the sum of Le 1million for an outstanding performance in Accounting and Finance Besides my dedication to my studies my enormous love for my subject areas and my never give up attitude led to this great performance Upon completion of my undergraduate studies I craved to find answers to some relevant questions that I had kept asking myself What is the next challenge How can it help increase my value The answers were apparent Since I had done Accounting and finance for my bachelors degree it is essential that I specialize in one of the subjects in the field that I found fulfilling hence I have decided to embark on a Masters degree in Information Systems Assurance Management 

With respect to how I can increase my value through this program this answer seems like a no brainer nothing could surpass studying a promising course in one of the best universities in Canada As an indication of my resoluteness to pursuing the best course at the best university I have declined an offer to pursue a graduate program in Estonia Rather I am full of determination to apply to your excellent university I have the conviction that your university has higher quality faculties research facilities and academic community all of which will help me to become a person of value The Information Systems and Assurance Management course is attracting many top graduates around the globe As it is progressing and institutions are becoming heavily dependent on technology Many people view this program as a means to a rewarding career For me personally one of the biggest attractions of this course is the opportunities it offers to suit all interests including corporations consultancy government institutions financial services etc As a discipline Information Systems and Assurance Management deals with Information Systems Audit Corporate Governance Risk management Information systems security etc Apparently the program draws from more than one branch of knowledge which has increased my interest Learning useful knowledge in diverse fields fascinates me I hope to improve my skills broaden my knowledge and gain networking opportunity at your prestigious university At Concordia University of Edmonton I expect to acquire a systematic education and training in ISAM In connection with this I have a good foundation I have offered courses such as Management Accounting Auditing Information Systems and Corporate Governance etc 

I consider myself well equipped for your esteemed program Besides my solid academic foundation I am also cognizant of my purpose in life which is not just limited to adding value to myself but also contributing immensely to the betterment of society Nelson Mandela once said It is in your hands to make a better world for all who live in it To buttress this adage I believe it is in the hands of the youths of any nation to make the world a better place Hence Youth activism and entrepreneurship are two things I m into My goals are to establish myself as an authority in Information Systems Assurance Management in Sierra Leone and Africa as a whole create employment and serve as a proponent of entrepreneurship peace and interfaith coexistence I have also participated in several symposiums workshops and training programs At Access Bank S L Ltd I took part in the project to develop the management system of the customer relationship I was in charge of initiating marketing management and customer service and support The skills came from my experiences of working as a student leader in our department at the university and of leading a team in a contest of Startups Ideas in which we won the Best prospective Entrepreneurs Award Those experiences enhanced my decision making skills teamwork and creativity In this age of increasing technological advancement Information systems security information systems audit and the general management of Information have become an essential component of any organization's competitiveness Professionals in Information Systems Assurance Management are scarce in Sierra Leone and Africa as a whole I feel lucky as this program will provide me with the essential tools skills and knowledge that will help me in positioning myself in the developing African market It is my heartfelt hope that my application could be solemnly considered because your decision will certainly produce an immeasurable impact on my future and the state of Information Systems Assurance Management in my region as a whole

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