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Is the movie The Matrix a better reflection of Descartes Meditation

Is the movie The Matrix a better reflection of Descartes meditation or Plato's allegory of the cave I believe the movie The Matrix is a better reflection of Plato's Allegory of the cave rather than Descartes meditation I believe this because Descartes meditation is about a man who decided to change his perception on life Plato's Allegory of the cave is about prisoners who weren t exposed to reality so they didn t have any knowledge to imagine a world outside of their own and the one they only know This reflects the matrix because in the movie we see Neo a computer programer by day but by night a computer hacker who only knew reality the way it was set up for him Both the matrix and Plato don t know the difference between what they know and what is real Premise 1 Acceptance of Truth The first main similarity between the two is how both the reading and movie started to accept the true nature of their reality In the movie the matrix Neo gets contacted by Morpheus due to the fact that they believe he is the one to defeat the Matrix The matrix is about this man who was born inside of a very intelligent machine and he had the ability to change what he wanted to remake the matrix Neo must come to the realization that senses can be systematically deceived 

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