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To begin my search I looked at the liveauctioneers website however there were many works I consider to work from books music boxes and pens The lack of information behind the creator's work prevented me from selecting it Eventually I have selected the Pair Mid Century Modern Italian Armchair by Zanuso from the Mid Century Modern Furniture Style Include Image from link The lounge chair presented on the liveauctioneers website is the 720 Lady lounge chair which is actually a renovation from the Lady original lounge chair Marco Zanuso designed Part B Marco Zanuso s Background I 1951 Lady s Transition to 720 Lady in 2015 II I Marco Zanuso 1916 2001 Website The New York Time Marco Zanuso 85 Innovative Designer Known for his elegant practicality designs that led Italy a world leader in design Emphasize on it Born in Milan on May 14 1916 and serve in the navy in WWII Received his Architecture degree from the Milan Polytechnic in 1939 Opened his own design office in 1945 then become editor of two design magazine Domus and Casabella Website Cassina Marco Zanuso Architect designer and one of the leading interpreters of the Modern Movement Was awarded the Medaglia d oro and the Gran Premio at the Milan Triennale on a number of occasions VIII IX X XI and XIII editions Won five Compassi d Oro between 1956 and 1985 Website Design Within Reach Marco Zanuso In 1948 the company Arflex commissioned Zanuso to design its first furniture models using foam rubber upholstery 

Early experiments with bent metal led to the Anthropos Chair in 1949 then the elegant Lady lounge chair which took First Prize at the 1951 Milan Triennial II Work Lady Chair 1951 original Website 1stdibs Senior Lady Chairs by Marco Zanuso 1951 very rare early examples with wood frames Style Mid Century Modern Date of Manufacture 1951 Italy Company of Manufacture Arflex Period 1950 1959 Signed with the early original fabric Arflex labels Materials Brass Rubber Wood Wool Dimensions 39 37 in Hx29 92 in Wx34 45inD Seat Height 16 14 in 41 cm According to the 1stdibs website the following image above is the early and rare production of lady which is restored for the company Arflex in 1951 which is indicated by the handmade wood frames The lounge chairs were considered to be a supplement to each other larger senior chair on the right as the big brother to match the elegant and beautiful lady on the left I wonder if lady was originally intended to be a half of the whole product in other words lady and senior together make the idea Foam rubber became so much in demand in later furniture due to the material being able to be shaped for comfort and still be visually aesthetic 720 Lady Lounge chair Contemporary Website Architonic 720 Lady by Cassina Product 720 Lady Family 720 Lady Manufacturer Cassina Country Italy Launched 2015 Collection Cassina s Everest collection Transition from Lady to 720 Lady In 1951 Lady was considered an icon of modernity which led to the creation of the modern lounge chair Zanuso approaches the design of the original Lady with the separate manufacture and assembly of the parts than the traditional way of creating lounge chair on its head Equation 

The car industry s design method similar to Ford's Assembly Line new materials foam rubber and springs Lady The following image is the 720 Lady lounge chair manufactured with new company Cassina in 2015 not with the original manufacturer Arflex which is the more contemporary renovation of Lady with new fabrics designed by Raf Simons Belgian fashion designer Equation Lady Raf Simons renovation with the fabric 720 Lady Part C Challenges then Monetary and cultural value of the Lady Challenges The information about 720 Lady and Marco Zanuso is more abundance to find than Zanuso s Lady itself despite its well known and pioneering status Unfortunately I could not find Lady s original price when it was on the market so I need to based 720 Lady s monetary and cultural value on Zanuso s status as one of the leading designers in Modern Movement Too much authentic knockoffs which is 720 Lady and also the original Lady is claimed to sold out Monetary Value Commercial Design Culture Value The lowest price for the 720 Lady is 2 670 and the highest price for now is 28 650 55 To be frank the prices feel surreal however

Lady s status of an elegant design that influenced modern lounge chair does have a factor with the price Website Art Demystified What Determines an Artwork's Value Why are some works so expensive Price of the artwork is determined by two factors with many branches leading to it 1 The Artist s status and 2 Supply and Demand The first factor the artist s status is divided into many other factors both big and small which includes the artist s background education reputation sale history if any and contribution The second factor supply and demand may not play a large factor however this is more claiming this is the authentic product then selling many knock off version Marco Zanuso Status One of the leading designers for the Modern Movement won many awards opening his own architect s office a university professor and many more Work Lady which revolutionizes rubber as a contemporary material and design itself and many other projects In conclusion Zanuso status exceed beyond the norm which play a majority of determining the price of the 720 Lady and the minority is renovation price His legendary status also established the large cultural aspect due to his many accomplishments in the design and architect field

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