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Past Technologies to deal with this Problem In past air quality improvement can be done by reducing emissions from vehicles and industries Electric cars are one of the most effective methods used as an alternative for gasoline engines It produces zero emissions But the problem is it requires electricity to charge the batteries and also its driving range is less compared to gasoline engines Another important method is filters the air using air filter They are used in residential and business structures Air purifier is also another way used to improve air quality by removing pollutants from the air in a room These are plug into the wall whenever require and then it purifies air where they placed Intended Consequences The major intended consequence of smog free tower is it generates clean air by purifying polluted air It provides a great opportunity to public to experience fresh air This tower will collect dust and dirt from air and then converts them into jewelry This will improve the quality of air in outdoor especially in public areas like park It can purify up to 30 m3 of air in an hour while collecting 75 of PM2 5 and PM10 pollutant particles and expelled clean air around the tower with a 360o coverage This will create an almost circular zone of fresh air in its surrounding Also installation of this tower in public spaces will provide awareness to the public about the air pollution and its management The jewelry from this can also used for public awareness about reducing air pollution Unintended Consequences The unintended consequence of this tower is that its installation cost is high Its cost starts from 100 000 Another thing is that it is not a solution for entire air pollution Also it is not suitable for indoor air pollution because of its tower like structure And also for installing it to public places will reduce land space in public places Technologies that Failed There are several technologies that failed to improve air quality Air filter is one of the technologies which are used to purify polluted air

This device use HEPA filters to purify air This device removes contaminants from air in a room or vehicle This is beneficial for persons who have some allergies or health problems Reason of Failure Air purifiers are more expensive and bulky Also a more number of filters are required for a large room The installation cost of purifiers also increases the expenses So this in turn discourages people to use it The filter used in these purifiers need to change in every 5 6 months and also this filter damage easily This also increases the cost The main problem is it is useful for indoor air purification and for small area New Technology to Solve this Problem In order to overcome this problem researchers develop purifiers for both indoor and outdoor with more features This includes portable air purifier In car air purifier air purifier bulb air quality monitors and home air purifier Portable air purifier is a good solution for problems of conventional purifiers Conventional purifiers are bulky and more expensive than portable type purifiers These portable purifiers have washable filters so it reduces the filter replacement cost The small size of portable purifier helps in easy to carry and this in turn helps to use it wherever we go In car purifier can be used for filtering air while travelling

Alternative Technology Smog free tower can be used as an alternative technology for air purification process This can be used for improving outdoor air quality This tower is similar to huge air purifier which sucks polluted air and emits clean air to public Reasons to Classify this Technology This technology will help people to breathe fresh air from public places This also provides awareness among the public about air quality Other techniques are just reduces the emission rate but smog free tower will treat the effect of pollution Instead of controlling the rate of harmful emissions this tower improves air quality by purifies the polluted air Also it creates jewelry from waste instead of throwing it to environment It uses the technique of Reuse Recycle and Reduce By sucking polluted air and make clean it reuses the air By creating jewelry from harvest it performs recycling It will raise awareness and this in turn generates a change in people behavior and they try to reduce pollution by using public transportation Social Economic and Environmental Impact of this technology Social This technology helps in the reduction of health problems and death rate among world People can experience fresh air in public places Another thing is it raises awareness amongst environment and it changes people behavior Economic This generates space to come up with creative alternatives or ideas of technology to improve air quality This encourages people to invest in cleaner productions Environment This technology will slowed down the Global warming by purifies the polluted air It also creates fresh air that generates a space for healing of nature There are no emissions from this tower to environment It has less power consumption so it is environmental friendly Impact of This Technology The main benefit of this technology is that it can be used anytime and it treats the polluted air instead of reduce the cause of pollution And also it provides awareness among people about the pollution and this may change the people behavior to reduce pollution by their activities like using public transportation Another thing is that it would reduce health problems related to air pollution

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