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Organizational Management Week

Organizational Management Week 4 Assignment Public University  Organizations are interpreted by a theory which explains how things happen There are several perspectives that can explain the complexity of organizations People that are open minded can see an organization through many perspectives which gives them multiple ways to deal with problems and guide the organization As the world changes and becomes more diverse it is important to get an understanding on the complexity of the world and ways to deal with it There have been approaches developed and adopted to assess and investigate corporate culture The use of metaphors is a common approach to organizational culture and it provides the importance on an individual area of an idea Metaphors are a process people use to explain and understand how an incident takes place as it relates to a different incident Gareth Morgan analyzed the following eight metaphors of an organization Morgan 1986 1 Organization as a Machine the organization is based on quality efficiency and the timeliness of processes which are made up of intertwining parts Those intertwining parts are products real machines people or groups that have jobs to do to in order to make an organization function 

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At room temperature the title compound crystallizes in the Triclinic

At room temperature the title compound crystallizes in the triclinic system P 1 space group with the following unit cell parameters a 8 7148 4 b 12 4875 6 c 16 0986 7 Å α 95 073 2 β 101 035 2 γ 107 446 2 Diamond computer program is used to prepare the drawings The crystal data collected reflections and the parameters of the final refinement are gathered in Table 1 The final atomic coordinates and Ueq or Uiso are given in in Table2 The interatomic bond distances and angle schemes are listed in Table 3 and 4 Hydrogen bonds schemes are listed in Table 5 The crystallographic analysis of this compound reveals that the crystal structure of C6H20N3 2 Cr2O7 3 consists of three distinct dichromates anion with an eclipsed conformation and a two protonated template N 3 aminopropyl 1 3 diaminopropane The XRPD data of a powder sample of C6H20N3 2 Cr2O7 3 has been compared to the pattern calculated from its single crystal data Mercury 3 6 software was used to generate the XRPD pattern from the single crystal data 22 Comparison of the diffraction patterns in Figure 1 indicates that C6H20N3 2 Cr2O7 3 is pure A view of the asymmetric unit of the structure showing the thermal ellipsoid atom mean square displacements of non hydrogen is depicted in Fig 2 The structural arrangement of the title compound can be described as an alternation of organic and inorganic layers along the 100 and 010 directions made up of C6H20N3 3 and Cr2O7 2 atom groups as shown in Fig 3 respectively Geometry of the Cr2O7 2 anion The dichromate ion consists of two CrO4 tetrahedra sharing the bridging oxygen atom O 71 O 72 and O 73 Fig 4a

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