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I believe people are prejudice due to social influences Its important people understand this If you don t already believe prejudice is caused by social influences I think I could change your mind I ll go over what prejudice is how do social influences affect how we see people how we get the way we are how home environment affects a person s prejudice and why certain people are prejudice when others aren t Prejudice is a broad term with an ample amount of definitions Growing up I thought prejudice was just being racist but that isn t true Prejudice can be racism ageism sexism homophobia and the list goes on A preconceived usually unfavorable idea Webster s New World Dictionary pg 464 One example of prejudice is sexism Sexism is the idea that one sex is superior to another This is similar to racism but instead of sex it s a matter of race With ageism it s the same story a person believes a certain age is superior to another Another example of prejudice is homophobia the disliking of homosexuals because of their sexual preference Having prejudice is being human Coping with Discrimination and Prejudice pg 2 With prejudice and all these examples come the effects One effect that hit America as a whole nation is Donald Trump s ban on transgender soldiers

There is no reasonable explanation a person would do this other than prejudice Although with effects of prejudice comes the fight People fighting prejudice Protests and laws being passed It isn t just Trump s ban that s prejudice Prejudice has been around a long time Way back when to now modern times World War II was based on prejudice It s all about social influence Social influence is a person s thoughts and opinions being based on another In other informal words it can be described as bias Social influence comes in many forms peer pressure obedience socialization persuasion The list goes on In today s society we are exposed to more social influence than ever Snapchat Instagram Tumblr Twitter and Pinterest are all prime examples of social media We can share our thoughts and opinions globally at any second Minds that have yet to shape their own opinions are faced with the onslaught of other people s thoughts and opinions If a celebrity shares a prejudice opinion don t you think someone who has no opinion but favors this person would share the same opinion It s not just social media that causes this social influence prejudice Prejudice has been around since before social media existed Even friendly day to day encounters can be not so friendly Prejudice is heavily laced in stereotypes in jokes in average everyday life experiences Standing in line at a coffee in LA talking with the man in front of me He orders a skinny caramel latte I couldn t tell he was gay Celebrity personality Blake Shelton tweeted this It s homophobic and it made headlines Blake Shelton played into stereotypes People look up to this man and value his opinions Prejudice is an everyday thing So how does a person become prejudice Is it the people we surround ourselves with Our friends family even coworkers

You are the average of the five people you most associate with Tim Ferriss said this and in my opinion it s true Or could it have something to do with where you live Studies show people from the south are more prejudice Although people are prejudice everywhere worldwide The people you meet are just as crucial a variable Say you grow up in a racist home but go to college with some very open minded people Opinions can change Home environment plays a big part in deciding prejudice Everyone wants to grow up in a good home with a good situation but that doesn t always happen to everyone My goal from being a child was to have a happy home life S E Hinton Chances are if you ve had a prejudice held against you you probably don t hold it against someone else later You know the feeling Although there are cases where prejudice children do grow into prejudice adults In other situations prejudice could come from a bad past experience For example a Hispanic man steals something from you and you hold a grudge against all Hispanic people because that one person stole something from you That s a form of stereotyping Or maybe you just don t have any connections I have a homophobic uncle he says he s like that because he doesn t know any homosexuals It doesn t justify why people are homophobic but it could provide a reason why they are prejudice It s clear that some people are more prejudice than others Not being prejudice means treating each other as equals Following the golden rule Treat others how you want to be treated We may have all come on different ships but we re in the same boat now Martin Luther King Jr an inspiration of equality He was a good social influence And he s not the only one Ruth Bader Ginsburg Laverne Cox and Harish Iyer are all amazing people fighting prejudice every day Think of all the benefits of no prejudice Equal pay Everyone has the right to vote no slavery and the list only grows There are too many benefits to count In conclusion I believe if we have more social influences fighting prejudice I believe the world would be a better place

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