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A question many people ask is whether other life is present anywhere else in our universe or possibly other universes This questions answer so far has been a no but we can never be sure Organizations scientists and other professionals have dedicated their lives and jobs to discovering any other signs of life Learning more about this topic will allow us to learn more about earth as a planet and can benefit people and their safety greatly working with the other planets which have life for possible extremely beneficial materials and overall learning and being more enlightened as a human race For example importing key elements that well help create new and more effective medicine It is widely believed that this will affect humans in a positive way and that all people should care about this idea For example Lucianne Walkowicz states that Even the discovery of life beyond Earth is beyond the point much in the way seeing the skies of a foreign land can make us feel like citizens of the world coming to know these distant planets will usher us in as citizens of the universe Walkowicz 2017 The possibilities are endless for what could occur if we found life on a different planet Many people think that there is more than just us because there are so many undiscovered galaxies with their own solar systems Scientists imagine these other organisms may be searching for Earth like scientists are searching for them It is severely unlikely we are all alone in our galaxy and in other millions of galaxies because there are so many possible places that could harbor other life in the universe Scientists have not even found and explored most of the universe yet 

There is so much room for possibility regarding space that anything may occur I think it's likely that there is other life within our solar system first author on that work Queenie Chan a planetary scientist at Open University in the U K told Newsweek And even better she says we re doing the science that might finally find it That s why we like searching missions isn t it Bartels 2018 If we find life we will know that we did using rainbows This is because of Isaac Newton s recognition Essentially that is when white light is shot through a prism and is exposed as a band of color which is classified by its wavelength Absorbing slices of the band gases and chemicals form a spectrum and create a black gap Using this knowledge scientists use a technique called spectroscopy Finally the slices missing from the light beam indicate which aspects are present in the extraterrestrial atmosphere Some things it may indicate are oxygen or maybe a methane Seeing these two things together will naturally great a rigid argument that there may be a presence of life We are also working to finding more signs of life through NASA The National Aeronautics and Space Administration They reinforce that the ultimate goal of NASA's exoplanet program is to find unmistakable signs of current life How soon that can happen depends on two unknowns the prevalence of life in the galaxy and how lucky we get as we take those first tentative exploratory steps NASA 2017 In addition there are many places that could possibly be suitable for life For example the icy moons in the outer solar system such as Saturn's Enceladus could harbor life Although it would be expensive to further pursue this idea This is because it would require extreme exploration for the outer solar system Another place that could produce life is the planet Mars In 1996 researchers from NASA thought that they had possibly discovered microbial fossils inside one of Mars meteorite 

This was the meteorite known as Allan Hills 84001 They concluded that they had found a sign of life on Mars One of the most compelling presences found was the existence of microscopic magnetite crystals that the researchers said bore remarkable similarities to ones created by microbes on Earth Choi 2016 Although it was later announced that the scientific community decided they strongly were against this statement This is a very ambitious thing to approach Figuring out any lead will be time consuming and extremely expensive Some options to possibly finding the answer would be sample returns Many attempts have to be made and the estimated cost for getting a sample for Mars would be around 10 billion The results of conducting this would be evidently controversial A slightly different approach would be the N situ analysis It is less expensive but is still 1 billion to 2 billion per mission The results would also most probably be controversial There is also always luck like possibly exploring a martian meteorite with possible signs of terrestrial life People have said that the real opportunity is when NASA launches the James Webb Space Telescope JWST It will be able to observe where it is brightest the cosmos in infrared light It is said that they will launch this telescope later in 2018

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