Essay Example on People have less money to spend on sports for their Kids








While Players in poverty areas can seek help I think that the fact that people have less money to spend on sports for their kids they aren't able to capitalize on their kids skills According to the documentary the high school did not have the fields and accommodations to support the kids abilities Kids who live in worse areas and have less money can t and are not given the chance to play in college even though they might be better at that sport or have the better grades Wealthier kids are able to go to schools with better coaching facilities and playing better teams despite their skill in the sport entirely Throughout the years kids and especially teens have wanted to play sports to have fun with their friends but also to achieve the feeling of winning something It has been studied that people who live in less populated and poorer areas have not been given the same chance to play sports in high school and in their future in college Poverty throughout modern era has affected not only parents and the way they live and do normal activities but it affects a child or young teen learning ability in life

Sports can be an effective way or path out of the bad things that are happening in their life or around them For example in the documentary some players on the high school football team have been arrested in the past or their parents were also locked up too Poverty affects people more then just not having money to buy essentials According to Justin Goldman Throughout modern times athletes have long used sports as a means to get out of a life of poverty The problems these young adults have to endure on a daily basis because of the crimes that are committed because of poverty or the extra jobs after school they might have to pick up to make end needs to have a meals is way too much for a person to handle As tough as life might be at times if you give up things will obviously only get worse for you In the documentary The main character who was the football coach of a local high school stated

As cruel as life might be at times if you throw in the towel which is what everyone will expect then nothing good will happen and your life will fall apart be better than that The coach was not only a guy who wanted to coach football but he was someone who really wanted more for the kids in their lives and not end up going in and out of jail People believe that the only way to learn sports is through school extracurricular activities Failure is something that people can't have happen for their goal to eventually be accomplished Life is something that you cant and wont take for granted If you decide to quit or give up the task your trying to accomplish you will never achieve the task you were chasing people will look to you as a failure and someone who can't achieve simple tasks You have time to fix your problems and get better if you try and set your mind to things There will be times in your life that will make you try to do something that you really dont wanna do and you need to not do it and stay on your path for success Linda Flanagan is a motivator in the field of getting everyone to be able to play sports not only the rich In the article

What's Lost When Only Rich Kids Play Sports it stated Sports would help them develop more fully as people Sports aren t only for having fun and being active but it also helps people develop as people develop friendships and teach people about real world situations If they aren t getting the chances for these activites how does society expect them to develop into an adult in the future Children from public schools are just not given the chances that should be provided to everyday kids in society More than half of children that attend public school are from families that are indeed poor enough to to be eligible for free or even given the chance for reduced school lunches They don t have a the extra money that some people are blessed with to spend on travel teams or even school sport teams at their schools People need participation trophy to show that their efforts aren t going unnoticed and they can know what to fix to achieve what they need The wealthier schools that are surrounding these schools are the one winning local and state championships and getting full academic and sport scholarships which shows that it can not be fair

The statistics behind kids playing sports in wealthier schools and kids playing sports in Poorer schools is insane In a study of Massachusetts schools in 2015 the state s 10 wealthiest communities were from there and the average that kids were participating in the sports was 103 which would entail that it more than 1 sport to 1 kid ratio Only 3 of the 10 communities had sports participation rates that were less than 100 which shows that almost all students have at least tried one sport and was given the chance to play any sport that they chose The lowest percent was 65 in Lexington The Dover Sherborn district which was a combination of two of the state s wealthiest communities had the highest participation rate at 147 percent The state s 10 poorest communities had an overall sports participation rate of 44 Only one of the 10 the Ralph Mahar Regional High School topped 100 None of the others cracked 80 percent Chelsea High School was the lowest at 29 percent

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