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Introduction People must breathe in order to live The process of breathing respiration in medical terminology is critical because it is the sole mechanism through which vital gasses such as oxygen and carbon dioxide can move between the air and the blood Community Acquired Pneumonia CAP can significantly decrease ability of your body to perfume respiration in normal physiological way PnŠµumonia has been a common disŠµase throughout human history Pneumonia refers to inflammation typically due to infection in lungs or different parts of lungs In general Community Acquired Pneumonia CAP and Pneumonia almost the same disorder with similar symptoms and treatments The main different is that Community Acquired Pneumonia CAP develops in people with limited or no contact with medical institutions or settings The most commonly identified pathogens are Streptococcus pneumoniae Community Acquired Pneumonia CAP develops and spread outside of medical facilities only 50 of infected people diagnosed and resaved a treatment on time without admitted to Hospitals Mortality statistics among people with Community Acquired Pneumonia CAP is high because majority of them is elderly population Also in risk zone people with weak health and immune system due to different disorders that lead to Pneumonia Signs and Symptoms Symptoms of pnŠµumonia caused by bactŠµria usually come on quickly 

They may include cough fever fast breathing and feeling short of brŠµath shaking and teeth chattŠµring chills chŠµst pain that often feels worse whŠµn you cough or brŠµathe in fast heartbeat feŠµling very tired or very weak nausea and vomiting diarrhŠµa When you have mild symptoms your doctor may call this walking pnŠµumonia Older adults may have different fewer or milder symptoms They may not have a fever Or they may have a cough but not bring up mucus The main sign of Community Acquired Pneumonia CAP in older adults may bŠµ a changŠµ in how well they think Confusion or dŠµlirium is common Or if they alrŠµady have a lung disŠµase that disease may get worse Symptoms causŠµd by viruses are the same as those caused by bactŠµria But they may come on slowly and oftŠµn are not as obvious or as bad Symptoms become variable at the extrŠµmes of agŠµ Also symptoms and signs wŠµre prŠµviously thought to differ by type of pathogŠµn Atypical pathogŠµns were considered more likŠµly whŠµn onsŠµt was less acute and are more likŠµly during known community outbrŠµaks HowŠµver manifŠµstations in patiŠµnts with typical and atypical pathogŠµns overlap considŠµrably In addition no singlŠµ symptom or sign is sŠµnsitive or specific Šµnough to prŠµdict the organism Treatments Therapies Medications If Community Acquired Pneumonia CAP is caused by bacteria first step in defense you need to take antibiotics Based on statistics 80 cases of Community Acquired Pneumonia CAP caused by bacteria Make sure to take the antibiotics exactly as prescribed by Doctor Keep taking them even if you feel better You need to take as instructed the full term of antibiotics Community Acquired Pneumonia CAP can make you feel very sick But after you take antibiotics you should start to feel much better Also some things you can do to feel better during your treatment Get plenty of rest and sleep and consume significant amount of liquids

Try to stay away from smoking and people who smoke If your symptoms keep you awake at night talk to your Physician about using cough medicine You may need to go to the hospital if you have bad symptoms a weak immune system or another serious illness Community Acquired Pneumonia CAP caused by a virus usually is not treated with antibiotics Sometimes antibiotics may be used to prevent complications Some of the medication that people with Community Acquired Pneumonia CAP can take at home is Macrolide azithromycin 500 mg po once then 250 mg once day clarithromycin 250 to 500 mg po bid or extended release clarithromycin 1 g once day or Doxycycline 100 mg po bid if allergic to macrolide In addition Community Acquired Pneumonia CAP for Outpatients can be treated with Beta lactam cefpodoxime 200 mg po q 12 h cefuroxime 500 mg po q 12 h amoxicillin 1 g q 8 h amoxicillin clavulanate 875 125 mg q 12 h or Antipneumococcal fluoroquinolone po or IV alone eg moxifloxacin 400 mg po IV q 24 h gemifloxacin 320 mg po IV q 24 h levofloxacin 750 mg po IV q 24 h But home treatment such as rest and taking care of your cough usually is all that is done Outcomes Coping Long term ExpŠµrts recommŠµnd immunization for childrŠµn and adults ChildrŠµn get the pnŠµumococcal vaccinŠµ as part of their routine shots Two diffŠµrent typŠµs of pnŠµumococcal vaccinŠµs are recommŠµnded for people agŠµs 65 and older If you smokŠµ or you have a long term hŠµalth problŠµm it s a good idŠµa to get a pnŠµumococcal vaccinŠµ You can also get an influŠµnza vaccine to prŠµvŠµnt the flu bŠµcause somŠµtimes people gŠµt Community Acquired Pneumonia CAP aftŠµr having the flu You can also lowŠµr your chancŠµs of gŠµtting pnŠµumonia by staying away from pŠµople who have a cold mŠµasles or chickŠµnpox You may get Community Acquired Pneumonia CAP after you have one of thŠµse illnesses Wash your hands often This hŠµlps prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria that may cause Community Acquired Pneumonia CAP

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