Essay Example on People of Salem in The Crucible written by Arthur Miller have two Faces









Just like the two faces of a coin heads or tails the people of Salem in The Crucible written by Arthur Miller have two faces religious and vengeful Revenge and shame live in the heart of the teenage girls such as Abigail Williams Meanwhile the truth and justice live within the soul of Elizabeth John Proctor s faithful wife At the beginning of the play Miller has clearly shown the purpose of Abigail she wants everyone pay her attention she also wants to become a powerful woman because she is nothing more than an orphan and the niece of Reverend Parris She desires to be powerful so John Proctor will be attracted to her Proctor is a bigwig man he has the reputation which has a great influence over the village so by having John on her side she will become well known an a powerful Elizabeth is a totally different person She is a wife a mother so the motivation of her start from her family she desires to maintain a happy family built a strong belief in Mr Proctor heart 

Above all is the benefit of her children as in Act Two she thinks of nothing more than her husband and her sons There are three words that I can use to describe the characters of Abigail selfish devil like and jealous She likes taking everything to her heart Jealousy I think Elizabeth fired her is another reason bring up her idea to catch the love of John Proctor She will do anything to make sure she gets to the highest place even turning against her friends to make more people believe in her story Abigail is devil like because her parents were killed right in front of her She never accepts that this has affected her behavior So in the story she has found as many ways as she can to blame everyone On the other hand Elizabeth is an unselfish person John did bad thing behind Elizabeth s back John Proctor cheated by having an affair with Abigail the adultery is an unforgivable sin she still forgives him Through Act 3 she is so generous that she speaks good of Proctor My husband is a goodly man sir This is also an evidence to prove her forgiveness Religion is another aspect where they are clearly different Elizabeth is a good Puritan She is moral and steadfast She never lies in her life however there was only one time the first and the last time she lied but with an acceptable reason She lied to save her husband s name 

She only thought to save my name said John Proctor Opposite from Elizabeth Proctor Abigail is a black sheep a narrow minded teenager who has done many things that against her religion She accused and directly lead to the death of so many people as in the Ten Commandment stated Thou shalt not kill She thought she can get away with her sin by making up the story in the court and when her friends who involved in this started to feel guilty Abigail angrily threatened them Let either of you breathe a word or the edge of a word about the other things and I will come you in the black of some terrible night and I will bring a pointy reckoning that will shuttle you And you know I can do it In some ways Abigail and Elizabeth could seem as though they were similar They both love John Proctor but those are two kinds of love As you have known Abigail Williams s love with John Proctor can be described as sneaky and wrong There is no evidence to prove the love 

Abigail gave John is true love or not it is wrong What's more when she is asked by Parris if she had anything with John or not she denied it immediately She said She hates me uncle she must for I would not be her slave It's A bitter woman a lying cold sniveling woman and I will not work for such a woman Act 1 This proved the love between Abigail and John is not public and it is not a rightful love Different from Abigail Elizabeth loves him because he is her husband They have spent most of their life together and their three children along with the baby she bears are her bonds with John In a nutshell Abigail William and Elizabeth Proctor are totally distinct from the personality to action and appearance They can be represented as the Devil and the Angle Though they live with the strong belief in God they still cannot win the ambition of themselves which leads them to fight against each other However the story also reminded us of two very dark pages of human history with a message whoever you are let be mercy

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