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Online orders sales and purchase are a part of our routine These are practiced daily weekly or on monthly basis We all are well aware of sale purchase rules But what if the item you have purchased is expired or the grocery you have paid for is rotten already What will you do then You will surely go the shop or store from where you have purchased all the stuff In case of online shopping there are two options either you have to keep the things or you can file complaints Complain cases are rarely entertained in online shopping systems However when it comes to dealings between brands and big empires the customer complaints are handled with care As the purpose is to maintain the goodwill of the organization Either you deal with individual customers or you deal B2B maintaining goodwill is the first priority Coming to the point the product sold by your company is defective then you will receive complaints from the customer Point is deal with such complains through documentation or letters Letters written to deal with complaints are called adjustment letters You must wonder what adjustment letters are Officially The statements communications done by the company to the complaining customer is known as adjustment letter

Adjustment letters may gain a legal status in some firms Types of adjustment letter Adjustment letters can be of different types depending on the situation and companies rules and regulations Very firstly when the company writes a letter to compensate the whole claim of the customer this type of writing is known as adjustment granting letter An under process letter is written to inform the customer that the claim is being investigated A refusal letter is written to refuse the customer's claim but in polite tune Compromise letter is written to make the claim good but up to a certain percentage An apologizing letter is written in order to make an excuse to the customer alongside thanking him for telling the mistake How to write an adjustment letter Following things should be kept in mind while dealing with an adjustment letter You attitude You must adopt a tone in which you can show the customer his benefit You should not say that there is no fault on your part in clear words Quick reply Reply to the complaints as soon as possible in order to value the customer Acceptance If the fault is on company's part then accept it with responsibility Advice Ask the client politely to wait for the completion of legal proceedings Language Language to be used in the adjustment letter should not be abusive Better you should write with respective tone Even if the fault is on the part of the customer Doubts Never show your doubts in a letter if you have any Accusing Do not accuse your company or any specific department of the company Mistakes Try not to make any kind of language mistakes like misspell or grammatical error How to format an adjustment letter You should choose a professional but simple format for adjustment letter 

The adjustment letter should be formatted as follows Companies details On the top left corner your own companies details are to be mentioned along with your post contact number and address Date Later the date is to be mentioned Customer details After the date customer s address contact number is to be mentioned Salutations Start your latter with an appropriate salutation and make a positive statement Better you should appreciate the effort by the customer Statement After salutations come to the point in a very friendly and polite way Tell the client about the steps taken by the company to compensate his loss Or mention if there is neglect on the part of client customer or any delivery service Regards End your letter with good wishes But try to stay professional Professional sample A professional sample is here to make you better understand about adjustment latter ABC Electronics Brain O Conner Equipment Manager P O Box 2222 Milan 2365 321 813 7834 Jan 16 2018 Ms Silvia Robbins Venice 45865 343 345 5633 Dear Silvia Robbins We are glad to hear from you You had purchased a coffee maker from our company and you have complained about it non functional switches You have asked us to replace it or repair it But with due respect ma am we want to remind you that the warranty period has expired We request you to check again the terms and condition Have they fit your satisfaction then we can offer you on payment repair services Within twelve hours you can get your problem solved Thanks to you for contacting us ABC electronic would love to serve you up to your satisfaction Regards Brain O Conner

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