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Personal Memoirs Introduction Growing up I had this wild dream of becoming reach and wealth when I grow up I always knew that whenever you do something good you always get a reward in a similar manner or in a different one Our parents had taught us to always value other people and their property and never to admire gaining anything illegally or in a manner that huts other people On many occasions I and my brother had volunteered helping in the children's home that was located to the end of the street Doing this was quite enriching because we learnt to appreciate other people and share in their problems However I always had a funny feeling and imagination I always wondered how helping a person will cause you to receive similar help in the future or one that is closely related For this reason I realized that I had developed an extrinsic motivation in helping people because I thought that getting a reward from it would be immediate This thinking grew deep in me as people who felt we were doing good helping other children in the children home would appreciate us with gifts I remember a certain man in his forties saw us washing the utensils and helping to clear bushes at the home was amazed He explained that many children of our age had not learnt the value of assisting other yet we were good at it For this reason he gave me 250 in appreciating of the work we did Inasmuch as my mum tried to change my attitude and motivation towards assisting other people I continued to think otherwise 

One day something happened that changed my perspective towards helping other people Since that time I have learnt to be of help to other people from an intrinsic motive and not out of the material rewards that come with the initiative It was on a Thursday after when we were walking home from school I saw a bag that had seemed to be hidden in a bush While my friends dismissed it as a trash I developed the curiosity to find out what it was Moving closer I realized that it was a purse that someone had dropped I tried to imagine how someone in their right senses could throw away a purse that had such valuable documents Inside the purse there was a passport some other identification details and 850 I found myself in a state of confusion because I could not figure out what to do with what I had found On one hand I thought that it was a fortune I had struck out of my good heart in helping other people However a certain feeling rocked my mind to the contrary Something convinced me that may be someone had lost their details out of theft or something close to that In this thinking I thought that it was prudent to look for and contact the person and find out if they were aware of the close of their valuable documents I took the step of contacting the supposed owner of the documents using the contacts that I had picked in one of the sheets of papers stuffed in the purse 

On learning about the move my parents were extremely happy with me saying that one day I will be rewarded for my good deed The following day we met the person that had lost their documents in the company of my parents The lady a tourist from the United States had lost her documents and thought that she could not ever find them I had the thinking that she was going to give me the cash in the pocket To my disappointment she only thanked me and took my parents contacts and went away claiming that she was already late for her plane at the airport My parents realized that I was sad because they knew I had the thinking that I was to be given the cash Days passed by and the lady did not communicate back One evening about three months after the incident my mother came home early and excited I could not figure out the news that she had At supper time she said that Evernold the lady with the documents had invited me to study in the United because I had been kind to her by enabling her to get the documents that she valued most This is how I found my way in the United States and studied through my O level and undergraduate studies I have always lived to tell people that helping people should not always be done with the hope of getting help back A person should always dedicate to doing good without putting conditions to it This is important because when you do good to other people you reap double fold in different ways that someone may not expect Having an intrinsic motivation to work is important because a person does not hav eto seek monetary and other forms of payment for a work they do Instead they derive happiness from the work they do

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