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Philippine Education System A Catalyst for the Filipino Nation to Progress Education is a tool for preparing towards being effective and productive when it comes to social relations It is basically a social institution that shapes the minds and behavior of the people in a certain nation The education system in general has two different structures which are the formal and the non formal Even if the two structures differ from their means it also shares the main goal which is to educate people for the progress of a nation Formal Education The formal education can be synonymous to school It covers traditional school system which sets definite goals and objectives reached through systematized formal instruction It can be achieved in stages which usually range from Nursery Kindergarten Elementary Junior and Senior High Schools Undergraduate degrees to Doctorate Upon entering into schools it requires more admission procedures that need several documents and fees tuition and other school fees allowances etc Non formal Informal Education Informal education is most likely the first type of education that one can attain before entering in schools because this can be acquired by learning through interactions with others

Thus it is true that our parents and family members are our first teachers Opposite to formal education this type is not covered by traditional school system It specifically teaches students a specific skill and requires less rigid admission procedures In the early societies informal education was widely used in order for a certain group of people to maintain and preserve their tribe culture beliefs and practices The Brief Transition of Education from Informal to Formal In early societies mostly in the indigenous communities family provides education assisted by elder members of the community in order to prepare the youth for adult roles that will enable them to cope with the various demands of the environment As the society shifts through time including the medium of communication there has been a development of language to where the alphabet and the number system emerged that it caused death to the informal education and paved the way to formal education The first schools were established in China Egypt Babylonia India Greece and Rome In the mid 15th century the first printing press was invented that resulted to mass production of early reading materials which are forerunners of today's textbooks It was then followed by a massive establishment of formal education in the form of school systems Education in the Philippines Based on the 1987 constitution of the Republic of the Philippines Article XIV Section 

1 The State shall protect and promote the right of all citizens to quality education at all levels and shall take appropriate steps to make such education accessible to all Thus the education should be a right and not a privilege in the sense that the government should be responsible for creating means of providing it to the citizens as one of the basic social services for everyone to justly acquire It is also stated in the constitution via article XIV Section 5 that The State shall assign the highest budgetary priority to education and ensure that teaching will attract and retain its rightful share of the best available talents through adequate remuneration and other means of job satisfaction and fulfillment This only means that the state should highly prioritize the education in the allocation of budget Recently the Department of Budget and Management released a report on the percentage changes of national budget allocation on education from 1955 2016 Year Percentage 1955 30 78 1960 27 50 1970 24 40 1975 11 33 1980 9 91 1981 7 68 1984 10 50 1992 12 80 1998 17 81 2016 14 52 Based on the table the budget for education is fluctuating It decreases throughout years that often results to the rising count of student dropouts because the kind of education system that the Philippines is already commercialized by the virtue of Education Act of 1982 which gives the schools an authority to increase tuitions and create other school fees to acquire more profit Meaning education that is supposed to be a basic social service and is a right turned out to be a commodity and a privilege to whoever can afford The institutions in higher education that are owned by the government State Universities supposed to provide accessible education is now owned by big businessmen or if not they have at least shares on it The following table shows an example of the business men and corporations owning several universities and colleges which is a clear manifestation of commercialization of education in the Philippines In order to maintain their wealth they tend to suppress the students to question why the tuition rapidly rises and why our state cannot provide it free for when the constitution itself states it They often repress those who initiate protest actions In other words they practice fascism in the academe On the other hand they are preventing the students to be inquisitive enough by feeding their the students mind a kind of education that is out of the concept of the Philippine context 

The educational system that we have in general is colonial for it follows the setting of foreign educational system It does not directly studies about the Philippines and as to how can we improve our socio economic condition when in fact it is clearly stated again in the constitution Article XIV Section 2 The State shall 1 Establish maintain and support a complete adequate and integrated system of education relevant to the needs of the people and society and Section 5 2 They shall inculcate patriotism and nationalism foster love of humanity respect for human rights appreciation of the role of national heroes in the historical development of the country teach the rights and duties of citizenship strengthen ethical and spiritual values develop moral character and personal discipline encourage critical and creative thinking broaden scientific and technological knowledge and promote vocational efficiency

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