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Phobias are very common especially among the medical field And all phobias are not the same People have different phobias such as blood phobia injury phobia needle phobia and more Some people are even afraid of hospitals While hospitals symbolize the most beautiful aspects of humankind it also represents illness infirmity and even death Stuff F O 2016 This shows that hospital is not somewhere they would like to stay or make a living out of According to Lecher C 3 to 4 percent of people suffer from blood phobia or related disorder When a hemophobia or blood phobia see blood their blood pressure and heart rate will rise then drop Lecher C 2013 Hemophobia can often be associated with other types of phobia like needle phobia People who suffer from hemophilia usually have the tendency to faint in sight of blood Like most other cases of phobia hemophilias can also connect to any traumatic event that may have occurred during childhood with an individual EPainAssist T 2016 

Hemophobia is a serious phobia that can even lead to other complications Some of these complications can even be threatening Just like hemophilias people who are afraid of needles or trypanophobia may also experience an extreme elevated heart rate and blood pressure immediately before a needle puncture When the puncture occurs the heart rate may drop precipitously LMHC N R 2013 There is evidence that fear of needles create physical change in the body This can result in cardiac episodes and health problems when a patient is exposed to needles However needles are parts of life and are often required for medical treatment although it can cause a person to avoid lifesaving care LMHC N R 2013 Symptoms of needle phobia include panic fainting fear of doctors fear of blood or vein fear of watching other people get an injection Needle phobia tends to run in families and children of needle phobic parents are more likely to develop the phobia themselves Traumatic experiences with needles can also contributes to the development of needle phobia However injections and blood draws can be less traumatic if medical practitioners are willing to take their time and understand the diagnosis Trypanophobia Needle Phobia 2015 Furthermore there are people who also has injury phobia or traumatophobia 

Traumatophobia is an abnormal fear of having an injury People with injury phobia tend to see activities that are viewed as safe to others as dangerous These activities include sports and other physical activities In some cases they are terrified of leaving their houses because they are afraid something will happen if they go outside Just like most medical phobias traumatophobia symptoms includes anxiety terror irregular heartbeat sweating dry mouth and more W C 2015 Trauma makes it impossible to believe that safety is achievable The mind considers the potential of injury to the point that the body can no longer accepts that it is truly safe anywhere This fear can be paralyzing to the point where the once mind cannot stop thinking of the ways in which individuals could be hurt Stuff F O 2016 Medical School Getting into medical schools requires a lot of hard work and many hours of study which not everyone is willing to do To apply into medical school you need a bachelor undergraduate degree which means you cannot enroll directly to a bachelor degree in medicine Vioreanu D 2016 Every year medical school applicants feel confused and in the dark about why they have been rejected by medical schools says Jessica Freedman They don't really know the procedures when it comes to applying to medical school and that is why they face so many difficulties One of the problem is applying to narrow range of medical schools It is a must that when you are applying that you apply to a large range of medical schools Moreover you should consider adding to your list medical schools that are not ultra selective even if you are a top quality In other words schools that are not too harsh when it comes to picking students Another problem is the lack of clinical experience It's A must that you show that capable of handling the field if you are applying to medical school Presenting poorly composed writing documents can be a huge problem It's A must that your experience descriptions and personal statement convince the people reviewing your application that you are worthy of an interview and an acceptance 

This is very important especially during the first stage of the medical school admission process Jessica Freedman 2012 Having a lackluster academic profile is definitely a problem Which means there should be a strong and good report of your profile Because If your grades don't reach a certain level you are automatically rejected and of course your application isn't viewed Some medical schools use a school rubric that takes into account your grades determine whether or not your application will be viewed if you can earn a minimum score Last but not least demonstrating poor interview skills Applicants who are nervous insecure or who aren't comfortable speaking about themselves can underperform during the interview Although some medical schools are adopting the multiple mini interview format most medical school still conduct face to face interviews Jessica Freedman 2012 Therefore to be accepted you must shoe that you are confident and that you really know what you are talking about

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