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Introduction Physical therapy contains specific applications in the clinical world and its principal obligation is to restore maintain and promote the aspect of optimal physical function The treatment focuses on ensuring that the individuals get an opportunity to regain their mobility through the incorporation of various procedures or exercises The therapists are responsible for the diagnosis as well as the management of the dysfunctions suffered by the patients By undergoing the therapy the individuals have a better chance of making positive progress towards the restoration of their physical ability American Physical Therapy Association 2016 It is also crucial in the process of preventing any onset symptoms from overtaking the operations of the body through a careful progression of the impairments in question CHALLENGES Slow Adoption of Technology The continuous improvement in technological advancements provides a problem in this sector since the specialists are hesitant to make the necessary changes The promotions introduce the incorporation of various services that are crucial in the process of improving on the functional limitations and therefore slowing down the progress In most cases the therapists rely on old methods to perform their services while there are better current methods that can assist in making the necessary changes 

The slow adoption also slows down the improvement of the progress with regards to the injuries and disorders that the patients may suffer from American Physical Therapy Association 2016 In other areas the therapists are of the opinion that the new technological advancements have not been tested out and therefore terming them as unfit for use Staff Shortage For one to qualify to be a physical therapist there is the requirement to fulfill certain qualities As a result the qualified individuals are less than the patients and thus the patients end up sharing the therapists The adverse effect on this is that the recovery process slows down since there are not enough staff members that can assist in the process Staff shortage may at times result in the wrong diagnosis since the available therapists become inundated with patients who require specific consideration American Physical Therapy Association 2016 As a result the therapists have to determine the individuals with the dire need and the ones that can wait for a more extended period before they can attend to them in the long run Through this the recovery process for the patients tends to slow down Poor Job Satisfaction The motivation of the employees is essential in the aspect of ensuring that they provide quality services Therefore if the patients are overloaded and the remunerations offered do not cover their resources it becomes difficult to provide quality services In the instances whereby the job satisfaction is low the rate of turnover increases and the patients tend to suffer as a result American Physical Therapy Association 2016 The incorporation of better equipment to assist in the improvement of the physical functions may not have any effect on the patients if the therapists are not available to provide the necessary guidelines to deal with the issue

The increased turnover rates also result in the decrement of the health conditions of the patients in the long run SOLUTIONS Educating the Staff on New Technological Advancements The process of teaching the employees will be crucial in the prospect of ensuring that they are aware of better approaches that can assist in dealing with the problems faced by the patients As a result the progressive rate on useful options tends to increase and the patients tend to recover within a short duration U S Department of Veteran Affairs 2015 The education will provide the staff members with the necessary knowledge on how to integrate the improved machinery to assist in service delivery Increase the Staff Members A large pool of employees provides an ample opportunity for the patients to undergo a full recovery Physical therapy requires the undertaking of various exercises with the aim of ensuring that all the body functions recover within a given period Therefore an increase in the staff members will result to an improvement on the process of dealing with the patients The patient to doctor ratio will improve and therefore provide the people with a better chance of making a full recovery Increase the Wages of The Staff Ample satisfaction to the employees provides a better opportunity for them to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities

Therefore it is essential to ensure that they receive the necessary remunerations that they require to support their functions When the staff members are happy it makes it easier to provide the therapeutic services to the individuals that need it the most Laliberté Williams Jones Feldman and Hunt 2017 Therefore it improves on the recovery process and at the same time ensures that the therapists perform the expected obligations SCOPE The faster the implementation of the solutions offered takes place the better the service delivery of the clinic improves Therefore the management should identify the necessary budget cuts or improvements that should be put in place to assist in dealing with the matter Teachings on new technological advancements should take place immediately Increasing the employees and development of the wages offered should be affected within the next month Laliberté et al 2017 The scope will ensure that patients receive better services by the beginning of next month but one

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