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Physical therapy first professional association started out on 1921 Its association was originally called American Women's Physical Therapeutic Association This Association was led by Mary McMillan The American Women's Physical Therapeutic Associations changed its name various of times In 1922 they changed their name from American Women's Physical Therapeutic Association to American Physiotherapy Association During the 1940 s they eventually changed their association name to American Physical therapy Association Physical therapist were a greater demand during the 1940's and 1950s due to world war II This cause for the 16 39 programs to develop During the 1960s educations programs started to grow As mentioned by the APTA it grew to 52 education programs and now there are about 215 institutions that offer physical therapy education 

APTA History APTA 10 Jan 2017 www apta org History Physical therapist provide help to their patients so they can reduce the pain that they are currently encountering and improve their mobility They manage to prevent their conditions by developing a plan The plan can include treatment techniques to promote ability to move reducing pain restore functions and to try to prevent disabilities to occur to an individual PTs will use exercise stretching maneuvers hands on therapy and equipment in order to decrease the patient's pain Physical therapist can provide care in various settings such as hospitals private practices outpatient clinics home health agencies schools sports and fitness facilities and nursing homes In pretty much in the majority of a work setting you can work as a physical therapist In order to become a physical therapist you would need to meet its requirements Meeting these requirements all start by getting your bachelor's degree at any university Universities that offer this major are Washington University in St Louis University of Pittsburgh University of Southern California Northern Arizona University and there are more universities that you can do this major in Usually to get a bachelor's degree you need four years of college During your four years of university you had to take certain classes 

These classes involve anatomy physiology biology chemistry and physics Physical therapy programs often include biomechanics anatomy physiology neuroscience and pharmacology Students must complete a minimum of 30 weeks of clinical work After you graduate and get your bachelor's degree you would have to take a residency program which typically takes a year to complete Taking the residency program provides additional training Also it provides experience in specialty areas of care such as in sport and fitness or nursing homes You would also need to take a program called Doctor of Physical Therapy It typically lasts for 3 years and require a physical therapist centralized application service Physical Therapists Jobs Career Salary and Education Information CollegeGrad com CollegeGrad 1 Entry Level Jobs Internships College Students Grads CollegeGrad com www collegegrad com careers physical therapists Some important qualities to keep in mind is to have compassion on what you are doing be detailed oriented dexterity interpersonal skills physical stamina and be resourceful Working with each patient will be different from the one you had previously worked with Another requirement that you need is to get a physical therapist license All states require for a PT to get a license It is also required to pass the national physical therapy examination that is administered by the federation of state boards of physical therapy Working as a physical therapist can always differentiate in the type of setting you are working in As mentioned before you can work as a physical therapist in different settings such as home health agencies hospitals nursing homes outpatient clinics private practices schools and or sports fitness facilities In the state of Arizona the salary of a physical therapist is the second highest salary The highest salary in Arizona is a nurse practitioner which is around 104k In 2015 the median wage was 40 12 The hourly wage starts from 24 47 and can go up to 57 15 As of 2017 the median yearly salary was 83 440 The median salary starts from 50 900 and can go up to 118 880 Physical Therapist Sokanu www sokanu com careers physical therapist salary 

Arizona Tucson AZ you can work at Bodycentral Physical Therapy Sports medicine and your salary would be from 65 000 and may rise to 120 000 Physical Therapist Tucson AZ job Bodycentral Physical Therapy Sports Medicine Arizona Indeed com www indeed com In California it is also the second highest paying career The median salary is 94 190 a year The salaries in California typically starts from 65 940 and may go up to 126 700 As for the median wage is 45 28 The hourly wage in California starts from 31 70 and may go up 60 91 Physical Therapist Sokanu www sokanu com careers physical therapist salary California There are various locations you can work at in the state of California OC Sports and Rehab is located in Anaheim CA and the salary is between 85 000 and may go up to 105 000 a year Another work setting in California is called Sports Orthopedic Physical Therapy It is located in San Francisco and the salary goes from 75 000 to 90 000 per year If you would want to work as a physical therapist in the major leagues such as the MLB or NFL Your salary would be above 79 830 and the location would depend on the team that you are going to work for Throughout 2016 2026 it will be expected for this job to grow 25 and changes in employment will be 60 000 As for the employment the rates are pretty low

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