Essay Example on Police Officer Matthew Worden is facing eight brutality Lawsuits








Introduction A former Connecticut Police Officer Matthew Worden is facing eight brutality lawsuits which accuse him of beating individuals while they were still handcuffed and ordering his police dog to attack individuals who were not resisting arrest whatsoever Collins 2017 Other charges include punching people in the face when they were already subdued using a stun gun multiple times on a man with a heart condition smacking a man's face to the pavement causing him to lose his two front teeth and sticking a man in the groin with a baton making him lose consciousness Collins 2017 Unfortunately cases such as these seem to be presenting themselves more constantly where it not only affects the Police Department itself but the community as well Remarkably Worden s attorney stated that Worden was the type of officer who was respected in the past and that in today's world of policing you kind of have to step back and be tolerant it's all about being kinder and gentler and Worden simply didn't fit into today's culture Collins 2017 Is the own culture of Policing inducing Officers to exceed their use of force when apprehending civilians

Police Officers are entrusted to enforce the law properly and to not surpass their authority by no means Furthermore there are different motives that lead an officer to exceed the use of force in a situation where it is not required As a change agent within my Police Department I will establish different procedures that are greatly in need in order to reduce incidents surrounding the use of excessive force Thesis statement Furthermore there are different motives that lead an officer to exceed the use of force in a situation where it is not required As a change agent within my Police Department I will establish different procedures that are greatly in need in order to reduce incidents surrounding the use of excessive force Outline I Introduction A Strong Opening statement B Thesis statement II Body Paragraph 1 Excessive Force Within Police Departments A Explain and define the importance of the use of force 1 Clarify what is allowed within the Police Department when implementing force B Explanation for the use of excessive force within Police Department 1 No supervision guidance or support by Police Departments 2 Excessive force is expected and or covered up 3 Poor training and tactics 4 No proper discipline III Body Paragraph 2 Innovating Procedures A The selection and recruitment of Police Officers 1 Importance of Police Departments employing minorities 2 Employing qualified personnel that pass a psychological test in order to determine if emotionally suitable for the position B Different levels of training 1 Includes a clear mission that incorporates the values and expectations within the Department 2 Training involving community culture diversity 3 Importance of communication skills such as language that can become an obstacle IV Body Paragraph

3 To Use Force or Not A Analyzing the use of force with Officers 1 Revising Department Policies and Procedures 2 Demonstrations of past incidents that dealt with excessive force 3 Observe the response of Officers when in training to help identify those who have had complains in the past in order to take an appropriate measure B Clear Understanding of the use of firearms 1 Establish a policy that emphasizes a respect for the value of human life 2 Provide Officers with the adequate training when using lethal force 3 Present different options available in order for Officers to use less lethal force 4 Establish the importance of such devices that require the supervision of the Department in order to prevent serious injury or death C Training in the use of persuasion 1 Provide options to Officers when arresting a suspect 2 Individuals with minor offenses can report voluntarily into custody reducing potential use of force V Body Paragraph 4 Community Involvement A A better community understanding 1 Invite citizens to observe parts of the training program that can help them understand a police officer s role 2 Allow citizens the opportunity to voice their opinion concerns and questions they may have for the Department 3 The importance of Community Organizations and how they can help contribute to a better police community relationship B Complaint Procedure 1 The Department should possess an Internal Affairs Division where civilian complaints of abuse are investigated 2

Such division would help determine whether the accused officer acted unlawfully and violated the department's policies 3 The complaint procedure will help on attaining the community's confidence and trust C Investigating the use of excessive force 1 The importance of the Department to have a transparent investigation 2 Clear gathering of evidence when excessive force is committed by an officer 3 Importance of informing the public and demonstrating credibility in order to avoiding confrontation and civil disorder VI Body Paragraph 5 Change Will Be Challenging But Not Impossible A The importance of the Department believing in its own organization 1 Providing guidance and support to Officers 2 The importance of communication within the Department 3 Reward system B Aim towards reducing violent confrontations between Officers and Civilians 1 Reduce misunderstandings by developing a good relationship with the community 2 Clear understanding of consequences that will be implied if Officers exceed their authority and violate the Departments Policies VII Conclusion A Rephrase of thesis statement B Strong closing statement References Collins D 2017 June 25 Lawsuits Officer used excessive force in several cases Retrieved January 09 2018 from http www foxnews com us 2017 06 25 lawsuits officer used excessive force in several cases html

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