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Pollution is not a thing of the past it is still striving in the air as well as our water supply there are many ways to prevent pollution There are many different types of pollution in the world water pollution is caused because of how much trash gets thrown into the ocean as well as all the nuclear waste we deposit into our water sources Soil pollution is caused mainly by mankind due to the fact of not disposing waste properly from factories or as well as urban sources Natural soil pollution is caused by an excess accumulation of perchlorate which has not been reported in many cases Perchlorate is a naturally occurring and manufactured chemical anion that consists of one chlorine atom bonded to four oxygen atoms There is many ways we can cut down on pollution in the world a few of them are Hydrogen cars Electric cars Fueling Stations wind energy and hydropower There are many different types of pollution in the world some cause more pollution than others but it's still bad for the environment Methane comes from cows when the let loose the gas in there bodies and than it raises the temperature as well it pollutes the air that we breathe Negative effect of methane on the climate and our air is twenty three times higher than the effect of carbon dioxide Time For Change Soil pollution is something that affects the plants and how our food grows therefore it's very bad for the environment Pollution is caused by everyday is that when we start up our cars or we burn gasoline or just put natural gases into the air

The reason we have carbon monoxide detectors in our homes is that it will pollute our air for use to breath making us light headed or feel sick the reason we place it low to the ground is because the gas won't rise inside our homes Carbon Monoxide is put into the air from our cars due to the fact that we are burning gasoline when we warm up our cars in the winter Soil pollution is caused by improper disposal of waste by factories or as well as sewage soil pollution effects may vary based on age general health status and other factors What is Soil Pollution Air pollution is caused by all of the vehicles that are used everyday to get to work or other places as well as when factories produce things are the smoke and smog that they produce is put into the air making harder for people to breath as well as do things outside Hydrogen vehicles are extremely good for the environment due to the fact that they don t give off pollution unlike the fuel we use when driving a motor vehicle Hydrogen vehicles if they expand and become more efficient it could offer advantages over the battery powered cars on the road now It would be a lot better than the tesla cars and nissan energy powered vehicles California is trying out hydrogen powered vehicles only thing that makes it hard for them to be used is the fact that there is not enough refueling stations for the vehicle to go to Most of the hydrogen pumps in California are at existing gas stations

The state recently provided 32 million in grants to fund the construction of 15 additional fueling stations Neal Boudette It could hit the pocket book to refuel the hydrogen vehicles due to the reason being is that hydrogen is relatively more expensive than gasoline come up to about 75 a tank Car companies that don't want the hydrogen vehicles give grants of 15 000 for gas for the next three years of ownership of their vehicles In the United States greenhouse gasses need to be reduced substantially Electric vehicles can change the world due to the effects that it has electric vehicles don't use gasoline all they use is electricity which is much more efficient than gasoline or other types of fossil fuels The CO2 emissions of electric vehicles as is the case with hydrogen are a function of the energy source ranging from zero or low Michael Heiman Electric cars all depends on how they put it together and how it conserves its energy as well as trying to keep its cost down for the economy it is more effective to employ renewable energy to replace conventional coal fired electricity currently responsible for 32 percent of total U S CO2 emissions Using renewable energy directly to replace coal fired electricity displaces approximately 2 7 times as much CO2 when used for the new generation of clean coal plants described as such because they involve some combination of coal washing gasification flue gas desulphurization carbon dioxide purification with sequestration and other measures designed to enhance efficiency Michael K Heiman 12

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