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Positive and negative effects of peace and war Foreign aid is important for financing development programs and policies in the developing countries Foreign aid has been providing developing countries such as Syria with a source of foreign income Tung 2013 Foreign aid provided to these countries are used to fund educational programs help the country to improve gross national income Foreign aid from donors are meant to improve the welfare citizens Baczko Dorronsoro Quesnay 2018 The major question that has been arising is whether foreign aid given countries in war such as Syria is used to promote peace or war among the communities engaged in conflict Prior to civil war breakout in Syria following 2011 Arab Spring Revolution in which opposition in Arab countries rose against the government Syria had been a middle income country The war that has prolonged for over six years and this has subjected majority of Syrian citizens It has left majority of the population relying on humanitarian aid for their survival in war tone areas Baczko Dorronsoro Quesnay 2018 It is estimated that about 13 5 million people are depending on foreign aid for their lively

During the peacetime the foreign aid was used for improve the economic development as well as enhancing political stability in Syria Foreign aid are meant to improve the economy through implementation and streamlining public administration alleviation of the poor living conditions of the people in Syria Donor are responsible of for suggesting the economic reforms required to stabilize Syrian social political set up International donors have viewed foreign aid as an instrument for promoting lasting peace in Syria Improvement of the welfare of the Syrian people will play a key role in ensuring lasting peace in Syria During this war time donors have pushed for peace deals and negotiations in order to continue funding the Syrian government Tung 2013 Through these foreign aid Syrian government has promised to ensure democracy prevails fight corruption as well as improving social welfare of the people of Syria Uneven distribution of the foreign aid among territories controlled by the government forces and opposing forces has had a negative effect on peace efforts in Syria Opposition controlled territories are more affected by uneven distribution of foreign aid in Syria Hopkins Beals 2016 Uneven distribution of aid has been attributed to the fact the country has several armed groups that are fighting for their own course Sadiki 2014 For the foreign aid to achieve its objective of promoting long lasting peace and promote development a lot of negotiation between the warring factions Foreign aid has contributed to conflicts confrontations and increased tension among the government forces and the opposing sides Sadiki 2014

The government has been receiving foreign aid from Russia while opposition forces have been receiving aid from the US led international alliance This has prolonged the war since the donors are unable to bring the two sides to negotiate a peace deal to end the long Syrian conflict Baczko Dorronsoro Quesnay 2018 This division has seen the donor fail to agree on the best way to solve the conflicts with Russians supporting the government while the US supports the opposition forces For foreign to have a positive effect in Syria the donors have consider the dynamics of the conflicts equity and even distribution of aid in all territories Syrian government has sought foreign and humanitarian aid from the UN and other countries to assist those affected by the conflict The government through partnership with businessmen close to President Assad has received millions of dollars from the United Nation to tackle the humanitarian crisis created by the war Government departments and ministries have worked have worked closely with UN to ensure access to education health and justice to respond to the humanitarian crisis Hopkins Beals 2016 The Syrian Department of Defense controls the aid provide by the World Health Organization to distribute blood from the Syria's national blood bank to war zones Meininghaus 2016 President Assad government has controlled the humanitarian aid provided by the United Nations making it hard to reach opposition territories Hopkins Beals 2016 The government has also threatened to revoke UN's permission to work in Syria if it attempts to offer aid to rebel controlled areas The extension of foreign failed to achieve its objectives of poverty reduction and conflict resolution in Syria Syrian government controls the humanitarian aid from the United Nations and is often limited territories held by government forces Meininghaus 2016 

Thousands of people are living under siege with no access to humanitarian aid Attacks on in civilian areas and social service centers such as health care facilities has left many citizen suffering Baczko Dorronsoro Quesnay 2018 For example the fighting in Aleppo has seen medical facilities including private hospitals bombarded by government and Russian Jets Extension of the foreign aid has also failed to address refugee crisis in Syria that has been termed as the world's largest refugee crisis Syrian refugees have continued to live in extremely poor condition both in Syria and the neighboring countries such as Lebanon Jordan and Turkey Baczko Dorronsoro Quesnay 2018 Uneven distribution of the humanitarian aid in Syria has contributed to more incidences of welfare with claims that UN aid benefits President Assad's regime

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