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Positive Characteristic Traits She is a woman of faith The secret of her strength are Hope Faith and Believe in God Even if the situation is hopeless this woman still believes in miracles that's why she can change the impossible to possible that's her alchemy This woman never worries about tomorrow or the future money health her children and any situations she already surrenders everything to the higher power her Almighty God This woman never depends on anybody except her Almighty God This woman is carefree and void of any cares of this world She is very active in church ministry Negative Characteristic Traits Neutral N VERY Emotional human being Easily discouraged with people's behavior because she misinterpret people s reaction and behavior This woman has no patience in dealing with business matters She is not a problem solver not a planner person and is not resourceful Her motto in life is que sera sera whatever will be will be or come what may she is not a dreamer nor a visionary She is just contented in everything N Current Motives and Desires She wants to witness the success or achievement of her children She wants them to have a good life and good health and financial stability Her heart s desire is to serve her

Almighty God until to her last breath To share the good news about her faith and salvation of her Almighty God She wants to explore the whole world to see the wonderful creation of God Current Circumstances and Situations She is trying to be healthy all the time She is just concern about her health She is very active in church activities Intentions She just wants to know about what this AI is all about Health This woman is NOT healthy at this time She has a problem in her intestine and eyesight But this can be corrected A holistic diet is recommended It's best for her to detox and cleanse her system immediately Eat lots of raw organic vegetables and incorporate macrobiotic diet as well as Chinese herbs supplements Drink lots of distilled water for AT LEAST 45 60 days OR all the time She should meditate at least 30 45 min a day 2x daily She needs to do deep breathing exercises every day 3x a day She needs to do daily exercises such as yoga stretching focusing in her core muscles The best store in the US to get your Chinese Herbs American Botanical Pharmacy Marina DEL Rey is a must for cleansing her system www jingherbs com Dragon Herbs Erewhon Get the book titled Ecology Diet Stop eating oily foods sugary starchy foods or dried foods for at least a year No canned foods No frozen foods and no juices from any container 

ONLY FRESH and ORGANIC RAW OR STEAMED VEGETABLES PREFERABLY RAW FOODS This will help her body her ecosystem to get a lot better Stay away from pharmaceutical medicines or any doctor recommendations Her body needs to undergo into healing crisis first before she can be completely healed Our Guidelines for Achieving Perfect Health Simplified Basic Form For Health 1 Oxygen clean environment Oxygen Oxygen is the main foundation for achieving perfect health and what your bodies require the most of Oxygen is needed in order for your cells to be able to regenerate and replenish Suggestions practicing an activity to increase oxygen in the system such as yoga deep breathing techniques and relaxation techniques 2 Water hydration 1 2 quarts day Hydration Your bodies are made up of around 70 water and it absolutely vital to replenish this water on a daily basis Many of the ailments and diseases being experienced today including weight gain are actually symptoms of dehydration Many people ingest substances that dehydrate your bodies even more such as coffee and therefore it is essential to replace this water 3 Movement exercise Pranic yoga Exercise Movement is life and your bodies need to move Movement is extremely important for your bodies ability to eliminate waste old energy and toxins You need to move your bodies in order to keep all of your muscles and systems active and flowing When you do not exercise your bodies become submerged in a pool of old energy and toxins 4 Stress reduction meditation Stress Reduction This is of paramount importance Highly recommended that every individual include some activity in their daily life to reduce stress Stress damages your immune system and puts incredible strain on your body emotions and mind 

There are many activities that are scientifically proven to reduce stress such as meditation breathing techniques yoga grounding earthing exercise correct diet music and simply doing things that bring you joy For stress reduction highly recommended the Emwave device from HeartMath which was created specifically for stress management 5 Elimination of toxins cleanse of the system Cleansing Detoxing It is very important to cleanse our bodies of accumulated toxins and heavy metals Detoxification is an ongoing process through diet and lifestyle that is accelerated through supplements certain foods and cleansing rituals such as juicing fasting Recommendations American Botanical Pharmacy Marina DEL Rey 6 Lighting of diet eat organic foods in it s state closest to its original form Lightening Diet Highly recommended that you lighten you diets by eating mostly high water containing foods like fruit and vegetables He recommends a plant based raw and organic diet Outcome What you sow you shall reap

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