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Pre existing health issues are no joke Especially when it comes to trying to nd coverage for burial life insurance Just look at the list For the majority of pre existing conditions it is relatively easy to qualify for burial insurance For most of the conditions on the list to the left you are covered by at least one at often times many insurance companies On the rare chance that you fall under the category where it is di cult to obtain burial insurance you can always nd a company that o ers guaranteed issue life insurance plans They o er no medical underwriting which allows you to bypass any issues caused due to your health If you are wondering how preexisting health conditions a ect your ability on ending final expense insurance without breaking the bank look no further Burial Insurance Pro s are here to help you get a better understanding on your pre existing conditions and help you understand what limitations or coverage is available to your speci c condition Determining Eligibility When it comes to signing up for burial insurance most companies will assess your health to gure out what you qualify for They will look at the following three things health question answers prescription history MIB le for relevant records Upon reviewing this information they will have a better understanding of your medical history and will be able to come up with their terms of your eligibility This entire process can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days 

What s convenient is that every company has their own standards they look for when it comes to underwriting So not all companies are created equal If you qualify for insurance with Company A you may not be eligible for insurance with Company B due to a different underwriting process Due to the increasing competition amongst insurance companies this comes as a direct advantage to the consumer The biggest dilemma is nding Company X who accepts your pre existing conditions and caters best to your lifestyle Luckily Burial Insurance Pro s are here to help with that part We can help you answer questions that pertain to your health and nd the best policy out there Health Questions are the Key When it comes down to the brass tax you re going to either be eligible for insurance with a certain company based upon your answers to their health questions The general rule of thumb is if there are no questions about a certain health issue then that company is okay with it However on the other end of the spectrum if you answer yes to any of the health questions it doesn t necessarily mean you are completely out of luck It may mean that you will have to pay a higher monthly premium or a possible modi ed payout of benefits in the rst few years Let us help you shop around and nd a company that will cause the least amount of issues based upon your pre existing conditions Prescriptions are In uential 

The type of prescriptions you take may not seem like a big deal when it comes to burial insurance However this notion is wrong Most companies will scrutinize your prescription history to have a better understanding of your health over the years Each prescription you take from when you started to take it gives these companies a deep knowledge and understanding of any and all medical conditions you may try to hide A general rule of thumb when it comes to prescriptions if you ll it up the companies will assume you take it When you take it they will assume you re taking it to treat whatever condition it is meant to help Even if you say no to a previous health question in regards to a medical condition if you take medicine for it they will assume you have that pre existing condition Medical Information Bureau Is an organization that helps insurance companies and their underwriting process They try to help companies offer good health insurance plans and help all consumers nd a ordable life and health insurance MIB keeps track of all of your information that you tell any insurance company at any point in time of your life that participates with them It only acquires information from the applications you ll out 

The biggest thing insurance companies are looking for in your MIB is any contradicting information If you tell Company A one thing and then Company B another it will let both companies know the pertinent information that is needed to insure you properly As long as you tell the truth the MIB shouldn t a ect you or your coverage in a negative way If anything it will help get you lower rates for being honest since it weeds out any potential fraudulent individuals trying to shiest the system What Next We are sure you have received all sorts of information on pre existing conditions and how it a ects you I mean that list alone is confusing to understanding without the proper knowledge The insurance world has a lot of ins and outs and well sometimes it is just easier to turn things over to the professionals As Burial Insurance Pro s we know what your best options are and how to nd the best company that ts your personal needs Especially when it comes to saving you from wasting any of your time money and resources You have better things to do and worry about Let us take care of it At Burial Insurance Pro s our service to you is free and will not be added to your premium We want to help people like you it's our job and it's what we are good at Give us a call and let us help you answer any questions you may have about your pre existing health conditions and burial insurance

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