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President Kennedy US History Period.This is when John F Kennedy was in office and initiated social development which defeated major differences between Americans and the rest of the world Throughout the time of domestic war and concerns of foreign relations this was something the U S experienced and President Kennedy helped the people get through One speech that Kennedy gave at St Anselm College on May 5 1960 speaking on the topic of the coming Cold War and America s conduct in it It was very detailed in the how to conduct the foreign policy especially when it came to the African nations while also informing others of keeping a support system for African nationalism In order to improve the American society President Kennedy made many programs When it came to some of the most important leaders in the Civil Rights Movement Kennedy was one of them along with leaders like Martin Luther King Jr Malcolm X and Rosa Parks making him one of the biggest voices for minorities The creation of the Peace Corps into the New Frontier Program had a lot of help from Kennedy He also helped not only with African Americans but U S immigration as well President Kennedy was against segregation and supported black people but he believed originally that there was another approach to the legislation because of the problems he faced with the Southern Conversationalists while in congress 1During 1960 Kennedy had a campaign named after Martin Luther King Jr s wife Coretta Scott King who was put in jail President Kennedy s brother Robert Kennedy went on to get her released when he called the governor of Georgia and had him release her this gained Kennedy attention and more support from the African American support He was the first to announce racism and call Americans on it

The anger of many Southern Whites and making it more difficult to pass laws in Congress is what President Kennedy thought the grassroots movement would do and he didn't want problems with them Lukewarm is how President Kennedy was seen by the front line Civil Rights participants from the South mainly when it came to Freedom Riders who integrated public transportation down south and were everytime mobbed by violent whites Kennedy responded in help by sending not only law enforcements state but federal marshals as well He did this instead of using federal troops or FBI agents that could end up being no help or worse a problem Presidents Kennedy's brother spoke for him and he told the Freedom Riders get off the buses and leave the matter to peaceful settlement in the courts President Kennedy was afraid to send federal troops because when it came to the conservative Southern Whites he didn t want to revamp hated memories of Reconstruction after the Civil War 2On March 6 1961 Kennedy signed Executive Order 10925 which required government contractors to take affirmative action to ensure that applicants are employed and that employees are treated during employment without regard to their race creed color or national origin Martin Luther King called President Kennedy to use an Executive

Order to help advance the Civil Rights movement after being unhappy with Kennedy's address on segregation but The President did not go through with the order It was January 20 1961 when President Kennedy was put into office where he became the first catholic and second youngest president of the United States 1He initiated new changes in the USA which made him an inspiration for Americans all over His idealism and courage is something he's still remembered by An intellectual young man with a wife that helped his image not only in politics but his world view aswell was unable to help him with the civil rights movement issues 3President Kennedy was determined to fix the Cold war when he came into office even saying Let us never negotiate out of fear but let us never fear to negotiate The distrust on both sides though led to a bigger destabilization Following the Cuban missile crisis the amount of distrust caused Kennedy to look towards a new direction of hope 4It was the speech he gave at American University on June 10 1963 the speech that speaks as powerful today as it did then it had a lot of great values and its effectiveness is uncanny There not only Russians but Americans were showed no matter what went on in the Cold War it would up to the Americans to re evaluate the attitudes they held towards the war that could make peace a possibility June 11 1963 President Kennedy was at the doorway of the University of Alabama to confront The Governor of Alabama at the time George Wallace who was there to stop two black students Vivian Malone and James A Hood from attending Kennedy assigned a National Guard and Deputy Attorney to handle Wallace and is the only reason he moved President Kennedy's famous address on Civil Rights and its involvement with providing equal access to public schools and other things like greatining the protection of the right to vote from racists On August 28 1963 approximately a little over a hundred thousand mostly African Americans went to the Civil Rights March to join together and fight for Jobs and Freedom The thought of a bad outcome and negative effect on people with the civil rights bill is something Kennedy kept and he defined it as moral legal and constitutional President Kennedy spoke on huge legislations being sent to guarantee the right to all people are allowed to go into public places tending segregation and help with the protection of the voting right It was on November 22 1963 in Dallas TX that President Kennedy was assassinated

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