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Presidential Demeanor For my topic I chose Presidential demeanor as a current Government Issue and event Some may not consider this an actual event but I feel it has been at the forefront of many current debates and issues affecting our nation and I think its overall effect will have a lasting impression on both the presidency and the Nation as a whole I will look at how perceived negative demeanor effects a President's ability to lead and how the world responds to a sitting US Presidents demeanor as well as look at the relationship between demeanor and responsibility Finally I will talk look at the effect the media has on demeanor and fake News or biased reporting s effect on the public's perception of demeanor I currently work in an environment that is in the initial stages of political correctness deterioration I use the term political correctness deterioration to reference a situation in which people are more concerned about political correctness and the feelings of others then telling the truth speaking their mind or full disclosure This is not always a problem but it is when it interferes with the organization's overall mission and effectiveness 

For instance I refer to the U S Military the military was once a place that had no room for personal feelings or weak minded entitled people but now a leader in the military has to be more concerned with not offending his troops then if they are combat ready Now let's look at the current President of the United States of America President Donald Trump President Trump has often been subjected to great scrutiny and ridicule from the public and media over his tweets and comments he has made So much so that it has distracted from the work that needs to be done running the nation Current polling shows his average approval ratings at 38 well below the average presidential rating Could this be due to his candor Or is this more job performance rated How important is Presidential demeanor The American people have publicly lashed out at the president for his tough language used in his tweets and official releases from the white house This has often led to justifying or making explanations for his statements made If the President used a more presidential demeanor from the start could he have avoided these issues Would more of his agenda be pushed through Congress and enacted if his approval ratings hadn't dipped so low I think so so effectively 

The Presidents demeanor has cost the American people action and progress we have lost time and money fighting over his style of leadership and has distracted from actually doing any work Thus his demeanor is very important The American People are not the only ones effected by a US President's actions the world as a whole Germany is one of our closest allies and we have great relations with them for many years now But statements made by their Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said relations between the two countries will never be the same And many political figures in Great Britain which some say is our closest ally have expressed concerns with President Trump's policy s and attitude In a time of near peer expansion and two superpowers emerging as possible military threats to the world China and Russia we cannot afford to lose these powerful allies Trump's America First mentality may be what the nation needs right now but would a more presidential demeanor help the world to receive and accept his agenda As the leader of the free world The President of the United States has an immense responsibility both home and abroad to stand for peace liberty and justice 

The president is expected to represent the most powerful nation in the world with some dignity as the Chief of state he acts as a symbolic leader of the country and should at all times reflect great credit upon the united States and its people As our Chief Diplomat he is responsible for negotiations with other countries how can this happen if they do not respect him or have begun to separate themselves from us In a future time where we no longer have the world's largest economy we need to keep foreign relations working in order to increase and maintain our economic superiority The media has played a large role in the current views of the public both sides of the major political parties have staked out their allies in the sector and have begun manipulating stories and information put out to the public in order to sway the opinions of the American people Actions that were once accepted are now broadcast nationwide and spun in a light that reflects poorly on an individual or political party regardless of their original context

This has caused friction within the parties and weakened them The Media's ability to influence public option has changed the face of politics forever Now more than ever a politician must be aware of his public image and must present themselves as a true professional or face the consequence of negative press and political roadblocks In closing presidential demeanor is crucial to overall success of a president What could have been one of the most successful presidencies of our time will most likely be marred and defaced by bad press fake news and inability to pass legislation due to the exploitation of un presidential demeanor and potentially poor publicity choices The issue will undoubtedly remain in the forefront of politics and media outlets worldwide we will read about it we will watch stories about it we talk about it and we will all form opinions Let s hope at the same time we all learn from it as well

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