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Pros of Freuds Psychoanalytic theory This theory has been able to explain aspects of the human personality and as such has led to more theories such as Erikson's theory on psychosocial studies that have helped many patients people receive some sort of care that has shown positive outcomes Also based on Freud s Psychoanalytic theory new theories arose allowing for new perspectives and critical thinking to work against mental illnesses from the early 1900s till now It also allowed professionals acknowledge that talking about problems with them could help mental illnesses such as Depression Freuds Psychoanalysis Theory continues to make important contributions to basic clinical understanding of adaptive and maladaptive psychological development and particularly to the understanding of depression anxiety and phobias that we can than begin a treatment Cons of Freuds Psychoanalytic theory Some cons about Freud s theory is that it overemphasized the unconscious mind sex aggression and childhood experiences Not that it is bad but you can t measure this scientifically and every single person is different so everyone can t be the same This theory depends on the person you re working with it s not the same for all of us Therefore it is criticized because it relies too much on the unconscious mind and sexual drive 

There s also no way to measure or record this type of information Freud s findings were also based off case studies and clinical observations And according to Those case studies and clinical observations generally dealt with the same group of people males 21 25 White 2 Behaviorism Some of the Pros of Behaviorism is that it is clearly observable and 100 believable With the ability for a mind to be observed directly and clearly such as an action and or habit you can record it scientifically and build off it We can infer whether changes have been made in student s understanding from behavioral change and can also conduct research and experiment regarding your own or others mind It is quite a powerful theory because it is based off facts and can provide 100 factual evidence of certain phenomena Behaviorism can provide clear explanations and clear measurable and recordable evidence about certain individuals Some cons regarding Behaviorism Some of our most important goals for children adults learning involve changes in internal cognitive things which cannot be directly observed and or measured Michael Shyer and Philip Adey saw In two studies it was found that no evidence of formal thinking capacity could be found in children under the age of 10 no matter how clever they actually were Shyer Adey 1981 They were looking for IQ Scores of 160

This study concluded that you can t really analyze and provide clear explanations to child s minds In summary Behaviorism is in some way a one way perspective view of the mind where you observe and only believe what you see Although this is a very great theory sometimes you can't Record or measure things of the mind of certain people such as children 2 cognitive theory Pros of Cognitive Theory is that it has had a huge impact on current education in the US It provided a foundation and great background of how children think And Piaget only worked with a child's mind because he believed this is where the human mind develops the most Also one main Pro is that because of this theory adults can also understand children better especially mental illness regarding children Cons of Cognitive Theory Piaget s research methods in developing the cognitive theory was built on children but he heavily relied on children and not too much adults He not only relied his research on children but Piaget ultimately underestimated children's abilities and according to Most children possess abilities of thinking since they are born Like I said before not all children are the same some children are smarter and or slower learner so when Piaget talks about the Period of Cognitive Development it not necessarily applies to all ages Sometimes certain ages can be ahead and or behind of there so Classified group Sensorimotor Preoperational concrete Operational Formal operational 

3 sociocultural theory One of the Pros about this theory is that it involves the environment and culture which are essential to the understanding of the human being Also it is applied to multiple different ages and races Cons Some of the cons about sociocultural theory is that it doesn t rely on any sort of genetics it only relies on peoples Guidance support and structure provided by knowledge members of society And according to you sometimes need to study the genetics of a being to understand it in depth Like Behaviorism you can t observe the mind in a 1 way perspective lens because like I said before not all of us are the same we all have our own brain that thinks and acts differently In summary of all my points mentioned above Theories are neither true nor false They are not facts they suggest hypotheses to be tested Good theories are practical They aid inquiry interpretation and daily life And what I just did is supported my comments of these theories through factual evidence found below on the web and our book The Developing Book Through Life span

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