Essay Example on Protecting the Rights of the Employees








A Should ensure the life needs The most basic conditions for the enterprises is to protect the most basic food and clothing adequate nutrition and free from disease Pursuing the freedom of life that our employees cherish and safeguarding the viability of own employees can also be reflected in the following aspects Entrepreneurs should support and respect internationally recognized human rights and never participate in any behavior that ignores and tramples on the human rights of employees Besides enterprise should support employees freedom of association and the recognize the employees dominant right to negotiate with the company on wages and other benefits Enterprise eliminate all forms that endanger the free choice of mandatory labor of employees and any discrimination in the employment of employees of the infringement and so on B Emphasize on employee happiness Business managers should attach great importance to support and encourage staff awareness of rights rather than just the monotony of income In addition employees and entrepreneurs are no distinction between each other employees have the right to express their own ideas the entrepreneur s awareness of the rights directly related to the viability that the staff can actually guarantee the fulfillment Research shows that there is no necessary correspondence between the amount of money an employee owns and their sense of well being and satisfaction

To improve employee satisfaction the company will try to explore and maintain the talent of employee after the company hires employees For example company can formulate an effective career planning for employees in order to improve the commitment of employees to the organization Those knowledge workers who are ubiquitous in the enterprise will pay more attention to the absorption and update of knowledge besides emphasizing the promotion and development opportunities Therefore paying attention to the career development of employees setting career planning goals for them appropriately giving opportunities for reward and promotion in time to let them see their own development within the organization are important ways to enhance employee happiness C Cultivate the employment capacity of employees In recent years the traditional labor capital relations of enterprises have been aggravated due to the economic globalization and the proliferation of mergers and acquisitions and reorganization The enterprises often can not provide any guarantee for their employment security Therefore to protect the employment capacity of employees has become an important part of the responsibility of enterprises in specific economic circumstances at present Since the 1990s some scholars have proposed on the basis of the social exchange model that cultivating the employment capacity of employees can build mutual commitment and trust between enterprises and employees in order to make up for the sense of security of employment Employment capacity refers to the enterprises increase the investment in staff skills training so the employees can ensure that their skills to advance with the times to find a way out when they are accidental unemployment By summing up the employee responsibility that mentioned above we think that the company should not pay ransom to the kidnappers Kidnapping is the ancient gateway to get money by bandit gangs Among this the most sensitive topic is ransom payment

Some of the developed countries oppose to the payment of ransom In 2009 the U S ambassador to the United Nations Rosemary Di Carlo called on all nations to refuse paying ransom to pirates Di Carlo pointed out that all parties should take a firm and uncompromising policy because giving way to pirates and paying ransom will only allow them to continue their blatant operation Kidnapping Hostages Requesting a Ransom Successfully get the ransom The next cycle of abduction a pattern of this vicious circle is the most important reason to oppose the payment of a ransom If the enterprise pay the ransom it will make every foreign workers of the drilling company in Nigeria fall in to the danger of being abducted at any time which can make things worse If the kidnappers successfully get the ransom they naturally have tasted the sweetness of the kidnappers and will continue to abduct the employees of drilling company As a result it not only failed to meet their responsibility to protect their employees but they also put them at risk and panic This will cause their employees to live a nervous life and always worry that they will be kidnapped at any time Moreover the ransom that they received may also be used to finance terrorist organizations and individuals which is even more unacceptable by the international community In an interview with The Economist Huddleston who serves as ambassador to the United States said that France used to pay a ransom of 17 million to save a French hostage who had been kidnapped at a uranium mine in Nigeria Huddleston said the money was eventually used to fund Al Qaeda's North African branch As a conclusion the company should not pay ransom and have to corporate with the police Delivery of ransom may allow the hostage to be save for temporarily but it is only a palliative solution On the contrary cooperation with the police can effectively stop the kidnappers In addition companies may also consider hiring local people and withdraw the foreign workers from Nigeria to other branch company

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