Essay Example on Psychology is a pseudoscience that can not be trusted

My name is Jessica Walsh I am a journalist writing a story to prove that psychology is a pseudoscience that can not be trusted and has no fact behind it My editor Candace will admit me into a hospital for the mentally ill and I will research and analyze the behavior of the patients inside A psychiatrist introduced me to a man named Toby Stinson he swears he faked his way into a mental hospital and is actually sane When I first saw him he wore a pinstripe suit and was in very good physical shape instead of the rest who were wearing loose khaki or grey sweatpants and were mostly overweight and docile looking He walked with a straight and confident posture and if I saw him walking on the sidewalk of street I wouldn't have thought much of him I looked for signs of any insanity because he is still in a mental hospital He looked like a man who wanted to wear an outfit that would convince me that we was sane Toby was at the age of 17 and was sentenced to five years in prison for beating up a hotdog salesman and on his first day his cellmate told him to act insane so they can send him to a comfortable low security hospital and he would be able to play Playstation and the nurses would feed him pizza He recently had watched Criminal Minds a show where crazy people do crazy things and commit insane crimes 

He asked to see the psychiatrist in prison and he told her that he liked to watch has people bleed out and to see their last expressions and thoughts copying the episode of Criminal Minds he saw He also said that he relates to a king and everyone should bow down to him and worship him he got that part from a book in the prison library The psychiatrist classified Toby as criminally insane and sent him to a high security mental hospital with around the clock supervision Once he got to that hospital took one look at the place and went straight to see the physiatrist there He told her that there has been a terrible misunderstanding and he is not mentally ill He told them that he faked being crazy to the prison psychiatrist and that he did that to be taken to a minimum security hospital instead of the one he is in right now The psychiatrist didn't believe him and instead diagnosed him as a psychopath because only a psychopath would fake being insane to get into mental hospital She said Faking madness is exactly the kind of cunning and manipulative act of a psychopath And faking your brain going wrong is evidence that your brain is actually going wrong I talk to the psychiatrist that diagnosed him and she said

We accept that Toby faked madness to get out of a prison sentence because his hallucinations were cliche and they just vanished as soon as he arrived to the hospital However we assessed him and we have determined that what he is a psychopath because faking madness is exactly the kind of cunning and manipulative act of a psychopath And faking your brain going wrong is evidence that your brain has actually gone wrong I thought more on this diagnosis and I spoke to other experts and they all follow the same checklist to determine if a person is sane or not And what Toby had on the checklist was glibness superficial charm grandiose sense of self worth and the lack of empathy When I spoke to Tony all the things that seemed most normal about Toby to me where to his clinician a new way of acting like a psychopath I decided to self admit myself into the same mental facility that 

Toby is in and study the behavior of him and the surrounding patients I am going to stay in the hospital for a week while being treated as a regular patient I plan to actually see if he or anyone else really belongs in a hospital and if he is actually a psychopath for faking being a psychopath to get out of a prison sentence I want to see the life inside of a mental hospital and find out the wrongfulness of psychiatry and the checklist used to figure out whether someone is insane or not Toby tried to act sane interacting with people and talking to them about normal things such as sports or current news So he subscribed to a science newsletter and one article said that the U S military was training bumble bees to sniff out and detect explosives in the Middle East He told his nurse what he read in the article and she wrote down on his medical notes that He believes bees can sniff out explosives He tried to look for different ways of showing his sanity but he says They are always trying to look for clues to prove my mental state but how do you sit in a sane way how do you cross your legs in a sane way it's just impossible It's A lot harder to convince someone that you are sane than to convince someone you re crazy

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