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Introduction Qatar enjoys a great advantage in terms of location in the world as it is situated in one of the most energy rich regions in the world There are other countries which neighbouring Qatar such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE which also share this advantage as all of these countries including Qatar have access to nearly more than a fifth of global gas reserves and a third of world oil the whole world almost commonly relies on these countries for oil and gas supply Atalay Biermann and Kalfagianni 2016 One of the greatest policy changes may be witnessed by these G C C countries due to the current surge in domestic energy demand This is due to the fact that the main export product of these countries which is hydrocarbon energy resources can easily fulfil this domestic need this product can be found in the form of oil in all countries while in some specific cases can also be found in the form of natural gas Qatar Owusu and Asumadu Sarkodie 2016 With context to the rising energy needs of the G C C this paper looks at one potential energy policy which can help in this matter promotion of renewable energy resources as well as other alternatives

Energy resources which are renewable such as solar energy can be very beneficial to Qatar to meet its increasing energy demand due to the fact that the Qatari climate is predominantly hot with vast hours of sun time Although it is suggested by researchers that sources of energy are not that much of a limiting factor for these GCC countries as compared to the factor of economics Abdmouleh Alammari and Gastli 2015 The utility market and domestic market structure is one of the main barriers that limit Qatar from exploiting all of its options in the renewable energy department including one of the major factor that influences this region which is the pricing of the domestic energy remain particularly in utility pricing this issue leads to further reform on the demand sides it the promotion of renewable to supply side policy success The specific case of Qatar will be reviewed and studied for a better understanding of these limiting factors that have become one of the major issues in the case of deploying renewable energy resources in the GCC region Bhutto Bazmi Zahedi and Klemeš 2014 Societal and Scientific Relevance The transition of energy production from fossil fuel to renewable energy production resulting in a carbon dioxide free world is of supreme significance in the face of global change in the climate

Furthermore the economy of Qatar will because of its anticipated increasing energy demand have to consider embracing substitute methods to secure upcoming supply of energy The shift towards the production of carbon emission free energy program and the according to outreach by several countries in Europe to launch group effort in the field of renewable energy is a significant matter related to environmental management and policy Atalay et al 2016 Previous Literature Societal transitions have gained much attention by researchers for many investigations on how they progress what are the factors that drive or limit these transitions and how they emerge However there are no such standards set for what factors to study by which these transitions are driven or limited Energy transition in the Western context has been predominantly studied in these researchers For information regarding this thesis a valuable study which is slightly more focused on the renewable energy resources available in the Qatar region has been selected and reviewed and will also be presented below The other studies that were not chosen were due to the factors that they were either too general focused on specific countries other than the country of interest for this study and were more technical or scientific No other study related to the context of renewable energy resources on Qatar exists according to my knowledge therefore it will be my objective to fill this gap for the future Renewable Energy Sources The definition of renewable energy resources is those resources that are generated by themselves without ever diminishing from the earth solar energy ocean tide and wave energy geothermal energy bio energy hydropower and wind energy are all forms of renewable energy The fulfilment of all services and requirements of the human population by an energy that is preserved and provides no harm to the planet for the future generation is known as sustainable energy Sharafi and ELMekkawy 2014 Research

Methodology The research material that was required for this study will be gathered from diverse resources Firstly the data needed for the initial phase of themethodology will be gathered from diverse academic literature this will enable the researcher to render the investigation accurately In the next phase a survey questionnaire will be designed to address the research question of this study The questionnaire will be designed online by using Google docs and will be sent to the participants of the study The participants of the study will mostly be professionals with the background in sustainable and renewable energy The methodology of this research will be qualitative

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