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Throughout recent history the rates of illegal immigration have dramatically increased This sudden increase has raised question of whether or not the increase in population is beneficial to our nation 3 5 of the current population is made of undocumented immigrants Outsiders from Mexico make up 59 of the undocumented foreigners in the United States Amadeo Kimberly Most immigrants come to America seeking freedom from religious persecution and the chance to give their families a better life either by bring them here or sending money back home to their families Some say that undocumented immigrants are stealing jobs while others argue that they are boosting the economy Recent studies have started to favor those who believe that immigrants are boosting the economy These undocumented workers can enable the economy and nation to develop By taking jobs that others refuse to work immigrants have begun to fill the gaps in positions that are necessary to have a stable economy Taking jobs on farms and in factories provides immigrants with a stable income which is then used to purchase goods and services which feeds back into the economy For immigrants that are considered unskilled many employers are now providing training in some fields to boost their value in the job market This training increases the competition between citizens and immigrants allowing employers to hire the highest qualified applicant 

This increases the quality of services and products improving the market and subsequently the economy White House One issue with immigration is that many immigrants do not speak english or do not speak it fluently resulting in an inability to communicate and find jobs once they arrive in America American Civil Liberties Union Due to the disparity many community centers and even some employers have begun to provide english lessons to aid immigrants in finding jobs and establishing themselves in communities The need for english teachers has lead to the creation of even more jobs in turn boosting the economy Aquilar Luis A Lawful status would help the economy however the subsequent profitability and wage increases would be significantly higher if by far most of the undocumented populace are conceded citizenship Specialists found that outsiders who are qualified for legitimate status yet not citizenship would contribute about 832 billion to the economy in a ten year time span include 121 000 more employments for each year and pay 109 billion in charges over a ten year duration Contrast that with a situation where undocumented workers are allowed legitimate status and citizenship in the meantime the U S Gross domestic product would develop by 1 4 trillion over a ten year time frame outsiders would make an extra 203 0000 occupations for each year and include 184 billion in charge income When documented workers are allowed citizenship these workers contributed 1 1 trillion dollars in revenue over the course of five years in a study by Cornell University Cohen Steven Although immigration is not without its drawbacks 

The increase in population has also lead to an increase in poverty and the homeless population This is caused by immigrants being unable to support themselves right after coming to America The increase in the needy population has put a strain on social service and public health programs This is partly due to the lack of government funding for these programs Immigrants may also bring foreign diseases to America causing outbreaks and epidemics the nation is not equipped to handle Immigrant children in schools may also require a bilingual teacher This professionals tend to be more expensive for school districts and are often in short supply All of these factors can put a strain on the economy but are outweighed by the benefits of a larger workforce White House Not only does immigration boost the economy but it also improves our nation from cultural aspects as well Immigrants bring with them traditions food language stories and music from their native lands This cultural blending exposes our nation's youth to different cultures which some argue leads to a decrease in racism and hate crimes The exposure to different cultures also leads to changes in American traditions to become more welcoming to all walks of life America has long been seen as a land of refuge for those who are outcast by their own nation and has provided salvation for many Daniel Griswold The argument against immigration has been and will likely always be one of debate in most nations However immigration only threatens jobs where skills may overlap without prior training from employers Manhattan Institute Many economists have shown that immigration increases the wages of native born Americans As opposed to prevalent thinking foreigners don t take away occupations from American specialists Rather they make new employments by shaping new organizations spending their salaries on American merchandise and enterprises paying duties and raising the efficiency of U S organizations 

As well as creating new teaching jobs at community centers and schools and increasing competition in the job market forcing employers to improve working conditions and wages These immigrants provide an ever improving job market and endless possibilities to improve the economy Manhattan Institute Works Cited Amadeo Kimberly How Does Immigration Affect You The Balance 31 Oct 2017 www thebalance com how immigration impacts the economy 4125413 Aquilar Luis A The Important Role of Immigrants in our Economy 18 May 2013 18 February 2014 Cohen Steven The Importance of Immigration 28 January 2013 18 February 2014 Daniel Griswold Insight February 18 2002 Immigrants Have Enriched American Culture and Enhanced Our Influence in the World Cato Institute 18 Feb 2002 www cato org publications commentary immigrants have enriched american culture enhanced our influence world Immigrants and the Economy American Civil Liberties Union 19 July 2014 www aclu org other immigrants and economy The Economic Benefits of Immigration Manhattan Institute 8 Mar 2016 www manhattan institute org html economic benefits immigration 5712 html White House Cracking Down on Employers Hiring Undocumented Immigrants 29 January 2013 18 February 2014

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