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Based on a recent study of GSMA intelligence 5 billion people in the world now have a mobile connection With cell phones today accessible to a significant chunk of the world population mobile technology at present has more potential to build local and global communities than ever before We use mobile apps to almost everything from waking us up to setting reminders as well as to taking us to places Despite being more than 10 000 kilometers away from my home in Nepal I can always talk to my parents or to my friends so that we always feel connected The practicality that smartphones bring to our daily lives is phenomenal We have apps that alert us in danger and keeps us safe We can make secure payments do work our work more efficiently and collaborate on ideas Social networking sites like Facebook makes it so much easier to navigate through events to keep connected with everyone Sharing your ideas or what you are passionate about is just a click away thanks to the hundreds of lines of code behind it 

The thing that impresses me most is how this technology makes people all over the world connected to each other For example I can now send smiles to my friends in Munich while working in projects with my friends in Kathmandu Some of the lasting friendships and bonds I have made have been through this technology I have got to meet interesting people got to explore things and events I would have never previously imagined Websites like Reddit Meetup Hacker News or Quora are helping create strong online communities where one can meet people with similar interests can feel a certain sense of belongingness and can inspire and learn from each other Facebook groups for example are really powerful I have known people that suffered from cancer struggle with depression But now they boldly fight cancer and depression because now they know that they have a community of more than 25 000 people across the world who know what they are going through who genuinely care for them and stand for their every single step These things always makes me excited about mobile technology So whenever I use an android or an iOS app I am always left excited by the code or the idea behind it I sometimes smile when I use a map application as I see the beauty of Djikstra algorithm at work As I study an article in my smartphone going through the paragraphs of an author moving through rainforests of Brazil or an astronaut going to space I experience a different life all together through the eyes of technology 

This makes me startled and encourages me to do more In fact my vision to building a supportive community of my own started while I was on a bus in Kathmandu looking at my phone screen going through an online article about brutality of Child labor in Nepal There are children whose life started in a dumping site children who have no siblings to love children who have no family to be home Using Facebook and online support of communities I was able to start my organization finding the right group of people spanning across the globe from Malaysia to New York who care about children and their right to education So far we worked together to start 5000 books collection campaign to collect and distribute books across rural villages of Nepal where the educational resources are extremely limited We ve been able to organize blood donation campaigns as well as awareness programs The orphans that we assisted left with smiles as we helped them All of this just started on a random day through an article on my cellphone During 2015 Nepal earthquake nearly 10 000 people lost their lives and millions of homes were shattered I also lost some of the people closest to my heart

Even though I was devastated It felt really powerful to see that people were reaching out through social media like Facebook right after earthquake and were coming together as strong social infrastructure to help Nepal rise from the loss This really inspired me to help create an impact so using earthquake alert apps as well as organizing awareness campaigns through social media I was able to help many people during such a crucial period There are still places in Nepal that are extremely underdeveloped and inaccessible by road and by most of the means We could have saved many more lives if our mobile technology was more pervasive In Nepal hundreds of children die every year because of impure water and poor health conditions So I am currently working on my first android application to help people with health in remote villages With expansion of mobile technology many villages of Nepal people who were previously cut off from the world can possibly have access to world of information Even though they might not understand the underlying principles of technology it can make a world of difference in their everyday lives Thus I believe that mobile technology has tremendous potential to to change lives to save lives and build strong communities that stands for peace humanity and happiness

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