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Leadership can be defined in many different ways It is interpreted various ways by people around the world The most common definition of a leader is a person whom other people look up to and follow his principles The leader has a vision wisdom and courage to achieve the goal The popular sayings is that Great leaders are born not made It is true to some extent the capacity for great leadership is innate However learning how to be a more effective leader is within everyone s grasp An effective leader would make his followers believe in the vision and work with everyone to reach towards the goal Leadership Models There are many different approaches and leadership models developed by business people and psychologists to describe the different ways to lead people based on human psychology Based on my learning from other classes and personal experience there is no one particular model better than the other effective leaders use a blend of different styles depending on the situation and their people s need All different leadership models are built on common themes such as inspiration vision and focus on the relationship and emotional connection between leaders and followers Nahavandi pg 179 Charismatic Leadership Charismatic leaders are gifted with grace and charm They encourage their followers via their personality persuasion and eloquent communication and inspire their followers to do things or to do things better this is done by conjuring up enthusiasm in others for a stated vision or goal Charismatic leadership is often seen on political and religious leadership 

The perfect example of a charismatic leader is the current prime minister of India Mr Narendra Modi Through his speeches and his personality he has created a strong emotional connect with his REFLECTION ON LEADERSHIP 3 followers His followers have strong belief that Mr Modi can achieve anything and everyone is always to ready to support his vision and actions Despite the strong bond and influence on the followers the charismatic leadership is not the most effective leadership style Nahavandi 2015 notes that the charismatic leadership is double edged sword which that requires careful monitoring to avert abuse pg 187 Transformational Leadership Transformational leaders inspire their people to perform their best Instead of giving orders transformational leaders work with their people and motivate them to achieve the shared vision of success They empower employees and hold them accountable for their actions They set clear goals and they have a good conflict resolution skill which leads to high productivity and engagement

Transformational leaders work toward the greater good they care about their people and they have the goal of benefiting the team organization and or community Mahatma Gandhi used the transformational leadership to motivate his followers and transformed their thinking and worked towards the greater good of the country In business the transformational leadership style is considered as the most effective style however this style would not work in emergency situation or situations in which tasks are enormously complex and beyond the skill level of the average group member Servant Leadership Servant leadership focuses on followers rather than the organization or the leader Nahavandi pg 194 Robert Greenleaf the founder of the servant leadership explains that a servant leader focuses primarily on the growth and well being of people and the communities to which they belong They put the needs of their followers first and help them develop and perform as highly as possible Servant leadership is a relatively new approach therefore it needs REFLECTION ON LEADERSHIP 4 considerably more empirical testing and development A lot of organizations are trying to follow this new approach HCL and Praxair are among those organizations Authentic Leadership Authenticity is essential to leadership Authentic leadership emphasizes the importance of leader s self awareness and being true to his her own values

Nahavandi pg 195 Authentic leaders are self aware and genuine they know their strengths weakness and emotions and are true to their people They reveal their true selves to their followers They are positive people with truthful self concepts who promote openness Authenticity is of great value however if the leader s true self is arrogant and nasty then authentic leadership becomes problematic Positive Leadership Positive leadership is built on concepts of promoting strengths capabilities and possibilities rather than weaknesses and problems It provides a thought provoking roadmap for leaders based on the positive psychology It is enabled by four positive leadership strategies cultivating a positive climate positive relationships positive communication and positive meaning The potential benefits of positive leadership are huge Leaders who engage with their employees and promote positive relationship help employees flourish in their professional and personal life which in turn boost employee morale productivity and creativity Personal and Professional Goals REFLECTION ON LEADERSHIP 5 Reference n d Retrieved from http www notredameonline com resources leadership and management what makes an effective leader 2014

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