Essay Example on Refusing to address and issue is not the same as curing it









1 C Refusing to address and issue is not the same as curing it The reason why I chose C is because throughout the story it shows how she was suffering from depression and loneliness and sticking her into a room where she would be alone for weeks did not cure her it just made it worse 2 3 C The narrator loves John and trusts his judgement completely despite the difficulties of his treatment plan I chose C because throughout the story she always mentions how she tries to please John and how she loves him She explains how he loves her and that s why he is making her stay in the room because he believes that is best for her 4 5 C The room is a former nursery with bars on its windows emphasizing her treatment as a child prisoner and thus the eventual break from her identity as a sane adult woman The reason why I picked choice C is because John basically treats her as if she is a child He calls her his little goose an all these other names He also doesn t let her do anything for herself since that is a part of her treatment but he keeps her locked up in the nursery and makes sure she does not leave 6 Since the narrator was describing everything in graphic detail from the second she entered the house until the end where John faints this expresses her point of view throughout the story She would go in deep detail about the wall and how it commits an artistic sin and how it has all this detail on it This shows how lonely she was in the room because she was paying attention to every little inch of wallpaper to the point where she was a woman caught up in the designs Since it was in first person it strictly focus on her inner thoughts and perception of things 7 C To reflect the narrator s gradual descent into insanity 

The reason for that is because in the beginning of the story although she didn t like the wallpaper she didn t make a big deal about it but throughout the story as her madness and insanity increases you can see that her hatred and descriptions of the wallpaper becomes more vivid She starts to see more things in the wallpaper at the end of the story she even believes she s interacting with the woman from the wallpaper It reflects her stages of insanity throughout the story 8 In the beginning of the story she felt like the wallpaper was staring at her and creeping at her which made her look deeper into it The deeper she looked she saw a woman trapped in the patterns of the yellow wallpaper Towards the end she ends up tearing the wallpaper and liberating not only the woman but herself too from the horrid wallpaper In the end of the story she creeps and crawls over John just like the woman trapped in the wallpaper did Her creeping around represents how women are usually controlled and they get driven to madness insanity which leads them to creep over anyone who controls them similar to a feminist movement 9 D She is living in and freed from the wallpaper The story behind that is because she felt trapped and lonely throughout the story

She was enclosed in a room that she couldn t get out of Along with that she saw other women trapped just like her but they were in the wallpaper Later on she ends up getting driven to madness because of that wallpaper she felt trapped in it because that s the only thing she can honestly look at in that room She s trapped in there along with the other women So at the end of the story when she rips off the wallpaper she felt free and liberated along with the other woman and she starts to crawl around like them around the room 10 The resolution of the story expresses how important self expression and equality is on the overall meaning of the passage Equality plays a major role throughout this story because she is a woman and he is a man and in their marriage he makes all the decisions without letting her have a say She would be afraid to open up to him self expression because she knew if she did that he would send her away to a mad house There was no equality all he did was make orders and demand her to do things which drove her to insanity She felt trapped and in the end of the story when John bursts into the room she expresses to him that she ripped off the wallpaper so he couldn t trap her in the walls again There was no equality between them Also self expression is important because she never felt like she was able to express herself The only way she was able to let out her feelings was by sneakily writing in a journal about how she felt She felt like she couldn t tell John how she felt which made her bottle up all her feelings until she exploded in the end

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