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Project Title Relational database solutions applied to business problem Section 1 Proposal to make a change and the purpose I propose that we make a change from the database that we are currently using to a database that we will make our company more successful We are currently using a database called the NoSQL It is a we have to build in our own code for the data that we want to use The other database that would be better for the company is the SQL relational database This has the built in data that we need to keep our data structured and it is very durable Section 2 Reasons behind why we need to change to SQL Relational Database A Impact on current operations Right now in our business the database where we store all of our information is in complete chaos We have data that doesn't need stored in our database For instance we have information about the video games that the customer enjoys playing and what they currently rate the game which is fantastic so we know what games to buy for our store however we also have what their favorite color along with what car they drive We do not need to have that information on our database it is of no use to our company to keep Right now it is just taking up space and currently it is causing an issue with us getting the information that we need to retrieve There is data being lost or the database is reading data inaccurately This is a huge problem for our company because it is taking us longer to try and retrieve the information that we need or not being able to retrieve it at all 

For example we need to get the information of where the customer bought the game and from whom or what video games they have recently purchased and the database we are currently running is failing We either have to hold the customer and wait for the information to get to us or let the customer know Sorry we don t have the information you are looking for Not only that does that look bad on the sales representatives but it also looks bad on the company which means we would be losing business and losing money That is why we need to change to the SQL database system The SQL will keep us organized will minimize the data redundancy and prevents tables from being out of sync This is a huge help when we are trying to find the customers information we can easily look in a table where it is set up in very easy to read columns We will also be able to retrieve the data from the columns with a single command For example a customer calls or emails wondering where and what game bought with their customer ID number What we can do is put their number in the database and it will bring up a table like shown below where we can see the game they bought the sales representative that assisted them and the store where they bought their game Video Game Name Customer ID Sales Representative ID Store ID Call of Duty WWII 0152106 123456 2501 Assassin s Creed Origins 0152107 987654 6307 Fable III 0152106 526347 9654 B Cost to change from NoSQL to SQL One of the most important items to consider when changing databases is knowing how much it will cost The database that we use now is the NoSQL database that is a burden on our data team because the business has to support multiple databases which can lead to spending more money to get the job done so we can use our database

According to our accountants we have also being spending a lot of money on the hardware to run the NoSQL database because the efficiency of the transactions that are being done on the database The cost to run the SQL database will be of some cost however in the long run we will be saving money by switching to a database that is more reliable and will not need as much work from our data teams C Return of the investment on the business The return for this investment on the business will be astronomical When we switch we will be getting a more reliable database to save our customers information along with the business's information This will make us a more respected company and it will make customers want to come and use our business Other companies like Oracle and Microsoft are also using the relational database Microsoft is a huge company that uses the relational database system and they even created their own server to store and retrieve data as requested This is exactly what we are trying to get to achieve Section 3 Conclusion In conclusion it would be in our best interest to switch to the relational database server We have been in such a mess with the NoSQL database that we are missing information to make our business successful This will keep us more organized and a well respected company that customers will want to use

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