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Research Methods for Engineers End of Trimester Report Automatic Wrapping Machine Major Mechanical Engineering Gold Coast DECLARATION I declare that this research proposal contains no material which has been submitted for assessment in any other subject at Griffith University To the best of my our knowledge and belief this research proposal contains no material that has been previously published by any other person except where due acknowledgement has been made NOTE Only students who sign the declaration page will be awarded marks for this proposal 1 PROJECT SUMMARY This invention belongs to the field of mechanical engineering and related to design development of an automatic wrapping machine and more particularly to the packaging or wrapping machines used in different industries Wrapping is the process of covering or protecting products boxes cartoons etc It is done to protect the objects inside the box damaging from dust humidity and harsh environment Packaging can be of various types based on the product being wrapped For example medical device packaging bulk chemical packaging drug packaging retail food packaging military material wrapping pharmaceutical packaging and many more 

The project comprises of the design and development of an automatic wrapping machine It is constructed in order to wrap all sizes and types of boxes The image below shows design of an Automatic Wrapping Machine The model designed is suitable for wrapping universal sizes of boxes It has a rotating turntable run by a motor fixed on a steel base which is movable with the help of wheels Fig 1 Automatic Wrapping Machine A lead screw along with its structure is mounted on a similar steel base which contains supports for the structure as shown in the figure Plastic roller is mounted on a stand for straight position while wrapping Roller assembly reciprocates on the lead screw by means of a motor It contains two limit switch where one switch changes the direction of rotation of lead screw and the other limit switch stops the cycle The control unit is mounted on a base behind the screw to control the operation of wrapping The major components shown in the figure are 1 Rotating turntable 2 Turntable base 3 Lead screw structure 4 Lead screw base 5 Limit switches 6 Control Unit 7 Plastic Roller and plate 2 KEYWORDS AC Drives Limit Switches Packing Mechanism Lead Screw 

3 METHODOLOGY 3 1 DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The design and working of an Automatic Wrapping Machine is made flexible for easy loading and unloading of different sizes of boxes The machine contains two main sections One section i e wrapping mechanism contains the turntable and its base where boxes are placed to be wrapped The other section also called as controlling mechanism contains the plastic roller attached to the lead screw which is used for wrapping boxes The plastic roller is fixed on a vertical stand mounted on a plate with the help of screws Together they constitute the roller assembly The lead screw is mounted on a moving base with the help of supports In the first section a motor is fixed under the turntable base to provide rotation to the turntable A similar motor with more speed is mounted under the lead screw base to provide reciprocating motion to the roller assembly A control unit is fixed behind the lead screw structure to control the operation of wrapping It contains switches and regulators to control the speed of the motor and operation of the machine The upper limit switch is kept fixed at a height equal to the height of the box and the lower switch is fixed with the roller assembly such that it touches the base when moving downwards Fig 2 Automatic Wrapping Machine Before the start of operation the plastic is placed under the box so that the bottom area is wrapped first As the motion start the roller assembly moves upward and the wrapping of the box begins The upward motion of roller and the rotation of the turntable start together Just when the roller reaches the height of the box it touches the limit switch and the direction of lead screw changes from clockwise to anti clockwise Because of the direction change the roller assembly moves downwards and the plastic overlaps on the box

The downward motion of the roller assembly stops when the lower limit switch touches the base as the motor stops to rotate Hence the operation of wrapping ends The plastic film is then cut manually from the roller end Fig 3 Operation of AWM The figure shows the wrapping process of a box placed on a rotating base At first the upper limit switch is set at a height equal to the height of box Then the plastic film from the roller is stretched and placed under the box such that the stretched film covers the lowermost surface of the box After that the wrapping process starts by pressing the start button on the control unit The speed of both the motors can be controlled by regulators on the control unit The process completes when the roller and the lower limit switch comes back to its original position A stop button is provided on the control unit to stop the operation in between in case of emergency

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