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Research done by Olasina 2015 where based from regression analysis gender found to be one of the significant measure that influenced the usage of SMS banking Due to these finding age and gender played an important role in SMS banking adoption and future researchers should consider these two elements in their research as it will contribute to more useful finding J Sonny et al 2014 In India the population of youth with the range of age between 14 29 years old are said to be the early adopters of latest technology and new services hence making them as the huge opportunity for the internet or mobile banking service providers Renju 2014 Besides age religion also found to be the factor that provide difference perception towards SMS banking Research done in Malaysia by Amin 2011 found that there is significant difference towards SMS banking usage exhibited by religion which is Muslim and non Muslim Muslim bank customers exhibited stronger orientation towards perceived credibility social norm and perceived self efficacy compared to non Muslim customers that placed greater emphasis on Perceived Usefulness Perceived Ease of Use and perceived enjoyment This finding is considered imported in context of Malaysia considering that Malaysia is the country with majority of the peoples are Muslim and the official religion of the country also Islam By having this information tested via research financial institutions can make it as a guideline and one of the important point to be consider whenever they are creating or launching any new products or services as it is proven that different religion may react differently to the similar services offered In Malaysia as well research done towards university student found that demographic elements do influenced the intention of the customer to use SMS banking

The bank customers from different background found to have differences perception for the new products and services offered by commercial banks in Malaysia Amin Lada Hamid and Tanakinjal 2005 2 3 7 Issues And Challenges In Using Mobile Banking In India V Devadevan has studied on the issues and challenges when using mobile banking and based from the research outcome mobile banking seems to face challenges as the customers think that they might face a problem with their bank accounts if the mobile phone lost Devadevan 2013 The study stated that the bank customers in India are coming from different parts which using different languages and they are facing challenges when using mobile banking as it might not available in their local language This will limit them from using the services and they will stick to traditional ways of dealing with bank The researcher also stated that the level of awareness of mobile banking becomes one of the main challenges to the banks in order for them to attract the bank customers to use mobile banking as some of them not even aware that mobile banking services are offered by their banks

The SMS banking user have risk to receive fake SMS or scam SMS and will face bad consequences if they lost their mobile phones as it may contain the information of SMS banking Plus the user also will face challenge to use SMS banking as not all mobile phones devices are suitable to do mobile banking Renju 2014 Most of the challenges and issues of using SMS banking are related to the security of using mobile banking and this has created the need for more research related to secured SMS banking like what has been done by Manoj et al 2011 In the same country of India Vishal Goyal also has done research on challenges on using mobile banking and according to their study among the challenges faced by customer are the handset compatibility issues where different type of mobile phone will have different compatibility and it limit the user from using the mobile banking Vishal Goyal et al 2012 Some of the customers also think that mobile banking is not secured and data privacy cannot be guaranteed so they are reluctant to use the service The customers also find that different bank offered different standard services so there is no standardization in terms of services offered and causing difficulty when doing mobile banking If compared to study done V Devadevan both study done by Vishal and V Devadevan has found different challenges in using mobile banking however it should be useful to future researchers and the banks as a guidance to improve mobile banking services In 2014 More studies on challenges using mobile banking has been in India by Tiwari that stated that among the main challenges and issues in mobile banking faced by bank customers are the security and privacy of the service and we can see that the finding is similar with the research done by Vishal Goyal in 2012 SMS banking is risky as the SMS is not encrypted and it can be easily manipulated and attacked by SMS spoofing where the attacker able to send any message to the bank customers in the network Tiwari et al 2014 Similar with finding by V Devadevan Tiwari also mentioned that there will be an issue if the mobile phone has been stolen as the user data can be exposed and it can be used to manipulate their bank account In addition propaganda perceived cost and perceived risk are the bad factors that causing the bank customers to not use SMS banking Taleghani et al 2011

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