Essay Example on Research done by Sarangi P and Nayak B 2016









Research done by Sarangi P and Nayak B 2016 concluded that the above 6 C s is improve the effectiveness of employee in manufacturing companies Result from the 200 questionnaires showing 48 53 of the employee are agree 28 33 are strongly agree 6 33 employees are disagree and only 1 of employee are strongly disagreed while 18 5 of the employees are no having any opinion Study was conducted Bhavani et al 2015 to measure the level of employee satisfaction at the organization and the factors influence the effectiveness of employee engagement in the automobile Industry Recognition and reward Incentives and benefits appear to be the most important factors as this will motivate employees and thus increase their loyalty Equal opportunities come second as this creating good environment and make employee enthusiastic Third factors is allow employee participate in management which believe to bring about leadership quality in them forth is recognition and reward that that will motivate the employee Last factor was communication which leads to honesty and promote mutual understanding Agrawal S 2016 carried studies to understand drivers of employee engagement in the multi generational and diverse workforce It was concluded that locus control found to be the critical predictor of employee engagement 

Person with the personality traits believe their achievement are results of their own effort and ability and they consider themselves as master of their own fate Besides that data on age gender level of education years of working experience designation and nationality were collected to test the relationship between each of this variables with employee engagement It was concluded that all of the above variables has not influence over employee except age Employees at different age group are vary in term of their level and predictors of employee engagement To promote employee engagement there is no one size fit all strategy the leaders need to understand employee needs and willing to support them in their development leads to better outcomes Brenda Beryl et al 2015 carried study to explore the effect of employee engagement on organization performance in Kenya s horticultural sector Descriptive results showed that employee engagement is one of the organization strategies to improve their performance The study concluded that employee engagement is major determinant of organization performance This is evidence by the 68 respondents indicated that they knew what is expected of them at work This study supported with study done by Sani 2012 who found that key HR practices like alignment line management job definition and career planning are the key HR practices that influence organization performance in Nigerian insurance industry Sani 2012 cited by Brenda Beryl et al 2015

By analyzing an understanding the drivers behind the employee engagement can help to identify where and how the engagement initiatives should be targeted A study carried out by Corporate Leadership Council in 2011 revealed that 70 of the business leaders believe employee engagement is critical in achieving business objectives however only 20 of these leaders feel engagement driving business outcome This may due to most organization approach employee as static i e point in time level rather than dynamic Such static view does take into account past experience and future expectations that may influence employee engagement This studies suggest the needs for organizations to develop new measurement approach and more effective engagement strategies for long term business improvements Sultana S 2015 2 4 Leadership Leadership found to be the antecedent of engagement and this factor comprised indictor of effective leadership behavior and perceived employee support An effective leadership possesses values such as self awareness communication of information respectful treatment of employee transparency and ethical As a result employee develop trust towards their leaders and management and return their service to the organization by becoming more engaged Besides that trust placed on the leaders also creating a blame free environment which provides psychological safety that enable employee engaged Maha Ahmed Z 2015 

Studied carried by Maha Ahmad 2015 concluded that leadership has the highest predictive power of employee engagement in Egyptian banking sector Egypt has be characterized as high collectivism like many of the developing countries In a collectivism culture employee perceived life is building around the community or a group How the leaders relate to the group is very important because employee wanted to be encourage and recognized by the leaders Leaders who care about the employee well being are deemed to be mostly successful in leading by example and being influential and inspiring others to achieve organization goals Research on employee engagement are mostly circle around two type of leadership styles which is transactional leadership and transformation leadership So there is not no clear evidence showing link existed between visionary leadership and employee engagement It fact some suggested that visionary leadership is sub type of transformational leadership M Taylor et al 2014 cited by Cheema S et al 2015 Seeing the gap Cheema S et al 20015 carried out a survey to understand the relationship between visionary leadership and employee engagement in 22 restaurants The result showing performance and leader s vision are correlated this is because employees are more likely to accept manager s vision when they are satisfied at their work and have a good understanding with their manager Some employee adapt manager s vision due to the inspiration from their manager Howell Shamir 2005 cited by Cheema S et al 2015 Not to forget about emotional commitment which is also important for a vision to effectively take place when an employee get attached to their work they are more willing to work towards its betterment Collins Porras 2005 Linton 1996 cited by Cheema S et al 2015

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