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Research Paper Cabell Calloway the third or Cab Calloway was an amazing performer who did many things and was incredibly successful in everything he did He led a band that was made up of talented musicians and was immensely popular among the people of his time Calloway was very intelligent as well and managed to do a great job in business Calloway accomplished many things in his lifetime He had a long career he sang and appeared in many movies before his death Cab Calloway had a long and successful career because he was very smart about how he conducted not only his band but himself as well Cab Calloway was born on Christmas in Rochester New York in 1907 Encyclopedia Britannica In 1913 when Calloway was 6 his family moved to Baltimore Maryland and he spent most of his childhood there

Wilson His dad worked as a lawyer and his mom worked as a teacher As a child Calloway enjoyed visiting racetracks Biography Young Calloway was interested in sports and show business Wilson In 1925 when he was 18 his older sister Blanche got him his first singing job in Plantation Days which she was featured in He then went to a law school in Chicago afterward as he had promised Blanche but left to pursue music He also played basketball well enough to play for the Harlem Globetrotters but didn t for the same reason Calloway got a job as a nightclub singer in a jazz club in Chicago called the Sunset Cafe where he met Louis Armstrong By 1928 he had become the leader of the band the Alabamians His band and another band the Missourians were merged in 1929 and he was chosen as the band leader This is the same year he went to perform in New York Encyclopedia Britannica In 1930 His band replaced Duke Ellington s In the Cotton Club a nightclub that was whites only Wilson He then made his greatest hit Minnie the Moocher He was the most popular performer in the 30 s and 40 s Biography From 1937 1942 he led a band which most regarded to be his best band In 1948 he continued with a smaller band instead of with his 1937 42 band After big bands stopped being popular he came back in films and other media Yardley He made several appearances in the popular television show for kids Sesame Street Biography

He continued to make appearances onstage and in film even a year before his death In 1933 he received the National Medal of the Arts from Bill Clinton Sadly Calloway died on November 18 1994 in Hockessin Delaware of a stroke Encyclopedia Britannica He has a wife 4 daughters and 7 grandsons Wilson Calloway was very skilled at leading his band Calloway forbade his band members to use drugs even though they were the subject of a majority of his songs 4 A member of his band remarked that the members of Calloway s band admired him and that his showmanship was carefully arranged 4 People regarded Calloway s 1937 42 band to be his best 1 Calloway led a happy group of musicians he kept them comfortable and gave them christmas off 4 Calloway s band traveled in Canada Europe and across the United States 3 He gave them good salaries second only to the pay of Duke Ellington's band 4 He performed with musicians such as Chu Berry Cozy Cole and Dizzy Gillespie His desire for a great band made his men wonder if he was as talented as he seemed 4 One of his band members Dizzy Gillespie stated that Calloway was not a musician although Gillespie was fired and then stabbed Calloway in the leg with a small knife 4 He disbanded his larger band when the big bands stopped being popular and continued with a smaller band 1 His smaller band had people such as Jonah Jones Milt Hinton and Panama Francis 2

Eventually he disbanded this band but he continued to perform 4 Cab Calloway performed spectacularly and managed to make songs that everyone loved Calloway made many songs about the harlem drug culture Minnie the Moocher Calloways most famous song references drugs a lot although Calloway himself did not take drugs although he was known to drink heavily 4 Calloway built his entire business around the harlem drug culture and he managed to be on both sides of the street he talked familiarly to african americans in urban areas while entertaining white people with nonsense and call and response 4 Most white people didn't understand his lyrics but were still delighted with his performance Calloways performing skills and the skills of his band made him immensely famous 3 Cab Calloway was called The most unusually and broadly gifted male singer of the 30 s by jazz scholar Gunther Schuller 1 Although Calloway led a amazing band he couldn't play any instrument with professional skill but he is still known as the leading jazz musician from the 30 s to the 40 s 4 Cab Calloway loved his audience and he loved performing Cab Calloway had a very successful career and he accomplished many things

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