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Research What are the positive and negative sides of the deep web What is the deep web The deep web or dark web are parts of the internet which you can not find with standard web search engines The part most of us use and which can be found by standard search engines is known as the surface web Michael Bergman CEO of Cognonto LLC and t he CEO of Structured Dynamics LLC coined the term deep web in 2001 as a search indexing term According to him the internet can be compared to dragging a net across the surface of the ocean a great deal may be caught in the net but there is a wealth of information that is deep and therefore missed Bergman 2001 Denis Shestakov expert in Data Mining Distributed Computing and Software Engineering also gives an interesting division between surface web and deep web It is impossible to measure and harsh to put estimates on the size of the deep web because the majority of the information is hidden or locked inside databases Early estimates suggested that the deep web is 400 to 550 times larger than the surface web However since more information and sites are always being added it can be assumed that the deep web is growing exponentially at a rate that cannot be quantified 

Shestakov 2005 According to this Denis Shestakov the size the deep web is impossible to measure because a huge part of the information is hidden or locked inside databases What is the deep web used for First of all it is important to answer this question what is the big difference between the clear web and the Deep Web The answer is that on the deep web you have the ability to surf anonymously This aspect makes it very desirable for both legal and illegal things The deep web is mostly associated with shady and illegal things But in reality that is not always the case The positive use of the deep web An example of legal use of the resources of the deep web is a journalist who wants to bypass censorships of several states Another example it the government who uses the deep web as a privileged channel to exchange documents secretly Paganini 2012 There are numerous other samples of not illicit use of the resources of the deep web You can assume that all websites with no criminal intentions are legal on the deep web The negative use of the deep web But the anonymity aspect does have a dark side It makes it alsof very desirable for cyber criminals who can do their business without government meddling 

The deep web is considered the place where you can find anything you want from materials to services for sale most of them illegal The hidden web offered cyber criminals a great opportunity to set up business empire like hacking services malware stolen credit cards weapons Paganini 2012 Imagine that the growth the ordinary web faced in last couple of years is multiplied by 500 times for the deep web We are facing an amazing business controlled by cyber criminals organizations One of the most famous websites on the deep web is Silk Road Silk Road is an online marketplace where they sell many products most of them illegal There are many other markets that managed to address specify products many of them quite terrifying On the right you can see a part of the website Silk Road where you can buy various drugs Paganini 2012 Security professor Nicolas Christin published research on Silk Road and its business model recently He declared It s a stable marketplace And overall it's growing steadily Christin 2012 According to his research the market is able to realize 22 million in annual sales only related to the drug market A big problem is that nobody knows how much hidden services like this are in the deep web 

Marketplaces such as Silk Road are according to Pierluigi Paganini Security Specialist a moderate risks for the worldwide community Most transactions on the deep web are done with Bitcoin This allows the purchase of products to be totally anonymous This encourages participating in any kind of illegal activities This means that the system is in the advantage of criminals because it is impossible for the government to track down the movements of the criminals The controversiality of the deep web The deep web is created by governments to be abe to operate in total anonymity Of course this has lead to exploitation by cyber criminals hacktivists and other people who feel the need to defend their privacy Once you enter the hidden web the government cannot spy on you anymore That is why they want you to stay far away from the hidden web It is true that criminals have a free pass on the deep web to do pretty much anything they want But at the same time the anonymity is an obstacle for criminals to steal confidential information of users so you could say it also protects its users This said it is hard to say if the deep web is an evil place Since it supports both bad and good things On one hand you have the government who cannot practice control over things being done on the deep web but on the other hand you have users who value their privacy and have every right to do so

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