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CHAPTER 3 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 3 1 Research Design In this study the researcher will use quantitative approach as research design According to Creswell 2012 quantitative approach is used if research problem need to be identified based on why the need to explain something is required Simple correlation research is used since the purpose of this study is to find the correlation between two variables and those two variables are Role Playing Game RPG and students reading comprehension 3 2 Population and Sample 3 2 1 Population According to Creswell 2012 population is the whole subject of research that has same characteristics The totals of population in this study are 60 they are the second grade of SMAN 1 Muara Jawa 3 2 2 Sample Probability sampling and stratified sampling are used in this study To find the individuals from total population probability sampling is required And to divide the total population and specific characteristics stratified sampling is used Cresswell 2012 3 3 Instrument The instrument of the research that used by the researcher are Playstation Vita with Role Playing Games RPG titled World of Final Fantasy installed inside it written test questionnaire and documentation to collect the data A PlayStation Vita PlayStation Vita is a handheld video game console that can be used anywhere just like the mobile phone the researcher choose this device because the participants can play the Role Playing Game RPG that given by the researcher anywhere B Role Playing Game RPG World of Final Fantasy World of Final Fantasy is a role playing game genre released by Square Enix in 2016 the researcher choose this video games title because it has rating E Everyone and it can be played by everyone

Plus it didn't consume much time to finish the game C Written Test The participants will be given written test in a form of multiple choices the test will contains the summary of entire story in the Role Playing Game RPG which given by the researcher and the test items validity and reliability already approved by the senior teacher and lecturer D Questionnaire Questionnaire given by the researcher to know the opinion and respond from the participants 3 4 Data Collection Technique and Procedure To collect the data for this research the writer conducts several steps of procedure as follow 1 The researcher will give each participants Playstation Vita with Role Playing Game RPG titled World of Final Fantasy inside it The participants will be given time three weeks to finish the game 2 After all the participants finish the game the researcher will check how much time the participants needed to finish the game by checking the save files that installed in the PlayStation Vita 3 The researcher will choose the fastest 30 out of 60 participants that finish the game earlier 4 The researcher will giving the written test and questionnaire to the chosen participants

5 Scoring classifying and analyzing the result of test items and questionnaire to obtain the conclusion of the study by the researcher 3 5 Data Analysis Technique Since this study main objective is to find the tendency between Role Playing Game RPG and students reading comprehension descriptive statistic is used to analyze the data According to Creswell 2012 descriptive statistics is used to explain the overall tendency from the collected data between each variables The data will be analyzed with a few steps first the researcher will calculate the mean score of each variables The purpose is to measure the mastery of each variables After that the researcher will use Pearson product moment correlation formula to measure the distributed data to find the correlational coefficient Then the final step is to test hypotheses by checking the significance result from the calculation REFERENCE Anderson C 2004 An update on the effects of playing violent video games Available from https pdfs semanticscholar org 5d4f ea7c655ab772a1ff47d912147e4280ceaec5 pdf Costikyan Greg 2003 Where Stories End and Games Begin Avaible from https cumincad architexturez net system files pdf b8bc content pdf Creswell J W 2012 Educational Research Planning Conducting and Evaluating Quantitative and Qualitative Research Boston Pearson ESRB World of Final Fantasy Rating System International Age Rating Coalition http www esrb org ratings Synopsis aspx Certificate 34519 Title WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY accessed on 27 December 2017 Grabe William 2009 Reading in a Second Language Moving from Theory to Practice New York Cambridge University Press Harris J Albert Sipay Edward R 1980 How to Increase Reading Ability New York Longman Hutchinson David 2007 Playing to Learn Video Games in the Classroom London Teacher Ideas Press Kent Steven L 2001 The Ultimate History of Video Games From Pong to Pokemon and Beyond The Story Behind the Craze That Touched our Lives and Changed the World New York Three Rivers Press Kinzer C K Hoffman D L Turkay S Chantes P 2011 Exploring motivation and comprehension of a narrative in a video game book and comic book format In P J Dunston Linda Gambrell Eds Literacy Research Association Yearbook 60 pp 263 278 LRA Chicago IL Morreilon Judi 2007 Collaborative Strategies for Teaching Reading Comprehension Maximizing Your Impact Chicago American Library Association Netzley Patricia D 2015 Video Games and Society How Do Video Games Affect Society San Diego ReferencePoint Press Inc

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