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Running is one of the most popular forms of exercise It is also one of the easiest types of exercise to try since it doesn t require any special equipment the cost to get started is low and it can be done at almost any time and anywhere For that reason people of all ages and levels of fitness will try running at some point in their lives But what are the benefits of running There are many physical and mental health benefits as well as more specific benefits enjoyed by teenagers who run Physical Benefits The most commonly cited physical benefit of running is that it improves cardiovascular health Pendick 2014 Running strengthens your heart which allows it to pump oxygen to all parts of your body more efficiently It also lowers blood pressure which protects against coronary artery disease heart attack and stroke NHLBI 2013 Running is a great way to build strong bones and healthier joints since it is a weight bearing exercise Similarly muscles become stronger when you run consistently Because running burns calories it is an effective way to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight Van Allen 2016 describes how runners continue to burn calories even after they stop running the bonus is that when you exercise the burn continues after you stop 

Studies have shown that regular exercise boosts afterburn that is the number of calories you burn after exercise In addition to helping lose weight running helps your body control your blood sugar and insulin levels NHLBI 2013 This in turn reduces your risk for diabetes Finally studies have found that running may actually help prevent cancer According to a review of 170 studies regular exercise can lower your risk of getting various kinds of cancer Van Allen 2016 The National Cancer Institute s 2017 fact sheet on physical exercise and cancer states that higher activity levels are linked to lower risk for colon cancer breast cancer liver cancer bladder cancer and leukemia It isn't clear exactly why or how running reduces cancer risk but it is probably a combination of the positive effects of running on hormone levels weight loss the immune system digestion and other biological processes Given all these benefits it is not surprising to learn that running can actually make you live longer In 2015 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that people who are physically active reduce their risk of dying early More specifically a study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology and reported in the Washington Post showed that on average runners live three years longer than non runners Searing 2014 Mental Health Benefits If the physical benefits of running are not enough to encourage someone to start running the proven mental health benefits are overwhelmingly convincing 

There is universal agreement that running improves mood decreases depression and alleviates anxiety Rasa 2017 Van Allen 2016 Weir 2011 One study even found that running is as effective as psychotherapy in treating clinical depression Rasa 2017 Running reduces stress and helps relieve anxiety which can help people simply feel better than if they didn't exercise People talk about the runner's high the good mood and relaxed feeling that many runners have after a run The ability of running to make you feel calm happy and relaxed is one of the benefits that keeps people running Running can also keep your memory sharp and reduce the effects of aging on the brain One study compared the effects of both exercise and brain games on the brains of senior citizens Elderly people who exercised had less brain shrinkage and better cognitive function than those who only did brain games Rasa 2017 Endorphins that are released when you exercise can also help you concentrate and think more clearly Weir 2011 It also appears that running will improve your sleep boost creativity and might even make you crave junk food less One article said that running can make people less likely to use illegal drugs or if they already suffer from addiction running might help heal the damage that drugs has done to their brain Rasa 2017 The Benefits of Running for Teenagers All of the benefits listed above will affect runners of any age But there are additional benefits that are important specifically for teenagers Running helps teens get off on the right foot in living a healthy lifestyle If you start running as a teen it is more likely that you will continue to run or do other exercise when you become an adult Running is also something you can do independently if you aren't someone who enjoys team sports Bozon 2015

This might be good for teens who are not particularly athletic or who just prefer to exercise alone Teens who run might also have improvements in their learning Running brings more oxygen to the brain which in turn helps the brain function better Running increases the activity of neurotransmitters which helps students with memory and remembering new information Some teens care a lot about their appearance and WebMD 2017 says that exercise can make your skin look better by increasing circulation that brings oxygen and other nutrients to your skin Finally research has shown that teen girls who run or participate in other athletic activities are less likely to use drugs and have lower rates of teen pregnancy So if you are a modern day Ponce de Leon searching for the Fountain of Youth look no further Running may be just what you are looking for the panacea for all your problems and a key ingredient in the recipe for a happy and healthy life

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