Essay Example on Safeguarding and promoting the Welfare of Children








Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children especially protecting them from significant harm is relied on effective work between agencies and professionals of different expertise DCSF 2010 Cleaver et al 2009 Coordinated help from health children's services and other agencies are needed for vulnerable children who are particularly at risk of significant harm DCSF 2010 The Centre for Excellence and Outcomes 2010 explains it is vital to intervene early and as soon as possible to tackle problems for children and their families Early intervention reflects the recognition that it is better to identity problems early and intervene as soon as possible such as understanding children who are disadvantaged and at risk of significant harm to prevent the problem from escalating in cases such as child neglect or abuse This essay will critically analyse the effectiveness and challenges of early intervention as a basis of good ethical practice The basis of good ethical practice is seen to be as following statutory and non statutory guidance Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children is everyone's priority and promoting the safety and welfare of children and young people has been a part of the legal framework governing child protection since the Children Act 1989

Moreover Working Together to Safeguard Children DfES 2006 is a national guidance to ensure children and young people are safeguarded and applies to everybody who works with children and families in England It is good ethical practices for organisations to work together to meet the Children's Act 1989 and 2004 By following the guidance professionals will understand the ethics behind safeguarding and recognise how to report any concerns acting in the best interest of the child Moreover it is good ethical practices for professionals to work together which Working Together reinforces the importance of multi professional work Additionally good ethical practices involves efficient information sharing between multi agencies Information Sharing 2015 is guidance which provides professionals with advice on the importance of information sharing to safeguard and protect the welfare of children Unfortunately there have been instances of bad ethical practice where professionals have failed to share information efficiently and many case reviews prove that practitioners had failed to record and share information understanding its significance Information sharing is a vital role of a practitioner s job when working with children and families as an individual s life can be changed purely on the decision of information shared whom with and when Correct information sharing can result in a child receiving access to a service which they need and is also critical to keep a child safe However it is important to understand that good ethical practice is not only relied upon following government guidance but it is also through individual practitioner behaviour the traits that a professional has and the way they chose to act impacts on their ability to conduct good ethical practice as the government guidance does not instantly change the way the practitioner behaves Section 10 of The Children Act 2004 placed a duty on local authorities to promote co operation between agencies to ensure children are safeguarded and the improve children s well being

Moreover it is explained that arrangements must be made with a view to improve the well being of the child including protection from harm and neglect which is good ethical practice However many reviews of child abuse deaths prove that professionals have unsuccessfully communicated and have been reluctant to share information key factors in child deaths Brandon et al 2008 Laming 2003 Laming 2009 Mainey et al 2009 Moreover the Munro Review 2011 was published which provided information and guidance for professionals to help safeguard efficiently and to introduce methods to help professionals to make the best judgement to help children young people and families DfE 2011 Within the Munro Review 2011 there were recommendations for the government and the multi agency child protection system that Munro claimed would change the child protection from being over bureaucratised and concerned with compliance to one which focusing on whether children are efficiently being helped and protected The government responded to the 15 recommendations which were suggested for reform by using the principles that were proposed for an effective child protection system DfE 2011 Furthermore according the Munro Review 2011 councils should provide early intervention and the government should place a statutory duty on local authorities and other agencies to ensure there is sufficient amount of early intervention services Working Together to Safeguard Children 2015 states that each LSCB should use an early help assessment based on the needs of the families in the area The basis of Early Help Assessment Policy reinforces that in order to improve outcomes for children interventions must be targeted very specifically according to the needs of families and the age of the child Moreover Allen 2011 explained that the nation should understand the positive impacts to individuals and families of Early Intervention

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