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Saving Our Bees and our World Bees provide so much for humans and many other living things As bees go extinct at an alarming rate it is our job to help protect these bees Bees provide so much for a healthy ecosystem and also for many human resources in tools and nutrition If we let them go extinct we will be impacted and so will the things around us If bees keep up with this pattern there will be a collapse in the food pyramid and possibly a shortage of food for us humans Bees put in a lot of effort in ways we dont even know so we can put in effort and help them out We humans need to see the state bees are in and it isn't looking good on their behalf Bees are very critical in their pollination efforts and are responsible for crops and a large variety of flowers Without these pollination efforts of flowering crops and flowers there would be shortages of food herbs and possibly remedies Not only do bees just pollinate they also basically contribute to the economy As the British Beekeepers Association says honey bees make a significant contribution to the 165 million annually generated for the UK economy through pollination by insects with the figure put at 200 million in 2009 by the UK's Public Accounts Committee 2008 Besides contributing to the economy they also produce some man made products like beeswax honey royal jelly venom and propolis Bees alone play a huge part in the worlds food and economical system and if we lose them it can cause huge problems Bees are so concerning at the moment 

Since bees are close to their food whatever destroys it destroys the next insect dependent of it Thanks to the increase of use of insecticide bees have also declined As Elizabeth Grossman from Yale 360 says insecticide stays with the plant as it grows it raises questions about the potential for bees to be exposed through nectar pollen or leaf surface moisture where a growing number of studies are finding evidence 2013 In the past decades there also has been a noticeable loss and change within the pollinator community Bees like the Honey Bee are going extinct thanks to insecticide and other things like unhealthy air The loss of bees has also caused bats butterflies and birds to also slowly go missing If bees stay in the same position they are right now it can lead to so many bad things The outcomes of bee decline aren't so great and will affect the agriculture the economy and the ecosystem Within the economy we would probably lose 30 billion a year for our crops As Maddie Moate from BBC says bees are critical pollinators they pollinate 70 of the around 100 crop species that feed 90 of the world 2014 Not only is losing money for the economy and having food shortages enough we will see something called colony collapse disorder The process of CCD is the result of the breakdown of the colony and insufficient workers that are present to maintain the honey bee colony As Elizabeth Grossman from Yale 360 says that the decline of bees and other pollinators is a danger to the world supply 2013 The outcomes are horrific and we really don't know if its irreversible but we can stop the outcomes with temporary solutions There are so many ways we can help saves the bees little by little but we need to first of all strengthen our communities and raise awareness to political figures to show how much bees are needed in this world 

For example the government has decided to make the president's 2015 budget recommendations as much as 50 million to have more research on bee populations and bee extinction Elizabeth Grossman from Yale 360 says that the government is making public grants to strengthen pollinator habitat loss areas which will help colony collapse disorder 2013 Not only will showing awareness that bees help the economy governors should see how much we benefit from them and make solutions to the problems We as communities can plant plants that attract native bees to attract them to pollinating the land because everything helps the cause We need to prevent and recover from the loss of pollinators because they are something essential to life As the bees go we can all take part At first I didn t know bees were so important to the world and to us Know that I know I want to raise awareness as to why bees need to be saved We are all connected to life and life depends on us We need to take care of the world to save us from things like bee extinction If we all come together as a whole we can save the bees Each one of us has a voice and power We must use what we have to bring awareness to world problems and we can and will save the bees Works Cited Resources Grossman E 2013 April 30 Declining Bee Populations Pose a Threat to Global Agriculture Retrieved January 23 2018 from http e360 yale edu features declining_bee_populations_pose_a_threat_to_global_agriculture Why bees are important n d Retrieved January 23 2018 from https www sustainweb org foodfacts bees_are_important Future What would happen if bees went extinct 2014 May 04 Retrieved January 23 2018 from http www bbc com future story 20140502 what if bees went extinct

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