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Some say that it isn't a religion but it does meet the requirements to become a religion such as a belief with some sort of reality practices and one of the more important ones a group of people that believe in this religion Scientology only has one main founder L Ron Hubbard Im sure it has a few other smaller ones that didn't make an impact but Hubbard is the real deal the mastermind behind it It was created because he wanted what everyone wanted or at least tried It has different parts from all types of religion including christianity jewish hinduism etc since it has all different religions combined into one it is one of the biggest made up summaries of all time It has more than 5000 writings compared to the Bible which has 66 books It also has over 3000 documented lectures Hubbard was one of the main guys to cause all the churches to rise worldwide therefore creating worldwide religion Since scientology is a mix of all religions then it doesn't really have a god They do believe in eight dynamics and if there was a god it would be the eighth dynamic which is the urge toward existence as infinity The first dynamics is self which is will to survive as an individual for as long as possible sannyasa which is one of the four stages in life in the religion of hinduism also talks about the wandering recluse of being totally devoted to god of living out in the wild 

The second dynamic is creativity which contains any kind of creation but mostly the raising of children which in all religions we do that The third dynamic is group survival wich is any kind of group work and working with others and participating in group activities The fourth dynamic is species which is just the general survival of mankind of living through life The fifth dynamic is life forms which is the all animals that can ghelp improve your way of living and in hinduism the cow is sacred and cannot be killed so another connection to other religions The sixth dynamic is the physical universe which is one of the main things to scientology matter energy space time MEST Its basically a whole another universe The seventh dynamic is spiritual synamic which is the suvival as spiritual beings a combination of the first and second dynamic of one being The eigth dynamic is the urge toward existence as infinity According to L Ron Hubbard if you achieve dynamics one through seven then you will find the eight dynamic infinity The belief of an after life is that when you die then you are reborn again into a new body Scientology being created by hubbard doesn't really have one book but has multiple books and one of his first book dianetics was one of his first steps in creating scientology in 1950 Fredrick Bendz states It combined psychoanalysis with more obscure pseudo sciences thought of all diseases as psychosomatic i e caused by the mind and got great response from Hubbard s science fiction readers By following the method of dianetics you would drastically raise your IQ become unsusceptible to diseases and get photographic memory meaning that it could get a lot smarter by following these teachings which eventually lead to scientology Everyone is good and there is no evil in scientology because who wouldn't want that The church group participate in communal activities such as protesting against drugs human rights They have some major festivals but not really proper ones just to celebrate hubbard s birthday the publication of his first book dianetics and new year's eve 

They also celebrate other small festivals that everyone else celebrates and other religious celebrations According to scientology ca theres four main codes for scientology One is the Auditor s Code which gives the basic rules an auditor must abide by to ensure excellent auditing results Another is the Code of a Scientologist guidelines which Scientologists agree to follow in order to achieve the aims of Scientology There is an ethical code called the Code of Honor that Scientologists follow in their day to day activities L Ron Hubbard further authored a moral code called The Way to Happiness which serves as a common sense guide to better living This moral code is used by Scientologists and non Scientologists alike and tens of millions of copies have been distributed in communities world over Lastly for its social and cultural context there symbol is two triangles with an S interlocking them The higher triangle with KRC standing for knowledge responsibility and control The bottom triangle with ARC standing for affinity reality and communication In scientology it benefits of understanding themselves spiritual selves which they can use to help others Therefore scientology although a bit f a confusing religion it is sill very interesting as it has its own universe kind of with a mix of all religions

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