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While Scientology asserts that it is completely good with all current significant world religions and that it doesn't struggle with them or their religious practices there are real contrasts in convictions and practices amongst Scientology and most of religions particularly the major monotheistic religions Individuals are not permitted to take part in other comparable mental treatments or techniques weather it is religious or otherwise However a few individuals from different places of worship have embraced some Scientology common programs Steve Bruce 1998 Scientology is a solid supporter of the interfaith approach on issues imperative to all religions Scientologists will function with spokesman of numerous religions to help and energise inter religious discourse religious opportunity established law and regard for religion in the public eye This indicates how scientology as a new religious movement is trying to reach out to the mainstream religion to get to know each other Scientology et al 2018 The congregation of Scientology has been the subject of debate since its beginning Its techniques and convictions have pulled in the consideration of researchers from around the globe The congregation has been under government examination and has persevered through an incalculable measure of claims Reitman 14 A large portion of the world's religions express some perspective of the making of the world Some religious customs for example Hindu and Buddhist see the universe as basically interminable without there starting or end The principal books of the Bible contain a record of the formation of the universe which some 

Christian beliefs hold to be symbolic and others view as an outflow of strict reality Different religious conventions have different perspectives yet every endeavour to clarify this extreme inquiry of where we originated from and how it happened In Scientology this view streams from the hypothesis of Theta which is the life power of soul making MEAT As mention before it s stands for an authored word for the physical universe Matter Energy Space and Time Indeed one might say that the formation of the universe is an indivisible piece of that hypothesis The starting points of Theta and the formation of the physical universe put forward in Scientology are depicted in The Factors composed by L Ron Hubbard in year 1953 Farley 2006 Principal to Scientology is a perspective of an individual as a profound being In Scientology the otherworldly being is known as the Theta The term is taken from the Greek letter theta for thought or life or the soul It is utilised to keep away from perplexity with past ideas of the spirit The theta is everlasting and has lived One is a Theta who has a brain and who involves a body The Theta quickens the body and uses the psyche Jacob 2009 Scientology conveys forward a religious custom broadening many years and incorporates facts found in the most sacrosanct writings of the Hindu Veda and the insight of Buddhism So in a way it extended from mainstream religions however it has its difference about it What is new about Scientology is that it offers an exact way to bring profound change in the world without hesitation and an approach to achieve it with outright sureness Jacob 2009 Moreover dissimilar to other mainstream religion that have a Judaeo Christian background the Church of Scientology has no set doctrine concerning God that it appoints to its individuals Similarly as with every one of its principles Scientology does not request that people acknowledge anything on the beliefs alone

Or maybe as one's level of otherworldly mindfulness increments through cooperation in Scientology evaluating and preparing one achieves his own understanding of the dynamics Scientology et al 2018 L Ron Hubbard regarded the considerable religious pioneers of the past for the intelligence they conveyed to the world He composed that Scientology says the goals set for Man by Christ which are wisdom good health and immortality In Religious Influence in Society Role of the Volunteer Minister L Ron Hubbard says The great religious civilising forces of the past Buddhism Judaism Christianity and others have all emphasised differentiation of good from evil and higher ethical values Further L Ron Hubbard showed that individuals faith and beliefs should be given respect In the book The Way to Happiness which isn t a religious work however it could be utilised by anybody religious or not Mr Hubbard gave various realistic rules to live by Scientology et al 2018 There are many individuals that could consider Scientology as a cult some consider it as very violent new religious movement and surely find it extremely odd In any case Scientology is not any more peculiar than different religions Furthermore it is very similar Christianity and Judaism that make us so uncomfortable The different churches of Scientology have sorted out numerous multi faith gatherings in Europe and the United States to urge religions to cooperate in the reason for religious flexibility and resilience In Russia Scientologists composed a progression of abnormal state regarding the matter Murphy and Oppenheimer 2008 This is an example of how scientology as a religion is trying to reach out to the mainstream religions and get in contract Scientology et al 2018 To conclude scientology is yet to be considered a mainstream religion This means it still sits in the New Religious Movements category where its difficult to interact with other world dominate religions such as Christianity and Islam Scientology fits in some of the meaning of a New Religious Movement but some meaning it doesn't fit in Even though the NRM predates back to many years back it is still new meaning it has a lot of years to come for it to be to even be considered as a mainstream religion

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