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Scout is a very precocious young girl although in the beginning of the story she is very naive As she grows up she begins to gain these prejudices about racism and stereotyping held by the townspeople on her own However over the course of the book and Tom Robinson's trial she begins see how dangerous these prejudices can be even deadly However she also learns that there are heroes who fight for the right cause even if it means personal loss such as when Atticus corrects her for saying the N word when she is exposed to the prejudice of racism and when she backs away from the fight against Cecil Jacobs Scout learns when Atticus corrects her for saying the N word When Scout asks Atticus Do you defend n s Atticus I asked him that evening Of course I do Don't say n r Scout That s common 77 Scout learns that not what everyone at school says is right When Scout has an argument with the kids at school about her father defending the black community Atticus as a father has to tell her right from wrong Not only did Atticus correct the fact that she fought with the school kids but he also catches her rude mistake when she called a man a n r After Atticus corrected Scout she never calls members of the black community n rs Scout then gains more respect for the black community and begins to realize that everyone is equal but black people not have the same rights as Caucasians 

This is a step forward to Scout's maturity Scout also learns when she backs away from Cecil Jacobs in a fight I drew a bead on him remembered what Atticus had said then dropped my fists and walked away It was the first time I ever walked away from a fight 79 At the point when Scout goes to class she regularly gets tormented by other kids since her dad is an attorney that guards the black group Beforehand in a similar section of Scout inquires as to whether her dad improving the situation of African Americans was valid Her dad says yes After she discloses to her dad about the issues she has at school about this circumstance her dad exhorts her to not contend As a respectful child she starts to leave those battles This statement is another progression forward to indicate Scout is starting to be more mature Scout also learns when Mrs Maudie tells her Mockingbirds don't do one thing but make music for us to enjoy They don t eat up people's gardens don't nest in corn crib they don t do one thing but sing their hearts out for us That's why it's a sin to kill a mockingbird 119 This statements is utilized all through the book It implies that one shouldn't do any harm to somebody or something that does no harm to others This statement has an effect in Scout's life since it shows her not to do anything harmful to somebody who doesn't deserve it When Atticus and Miss Maudie disclose to her that it's a sin to kill a mockingbird Scout does not comprehend what that means yet She comprehends it at last when she thinks of Boo Radley as a mockingbird when Atticus has reservations about letting Radley get away with murdering Mr Ewell in order to protect Scout and Jem from him She understands that it is wrong to hurt people who themselves do not act with malice towards others This statement influences her to develop by knowing what is good and bad who is guiltless and who is not In the beginning of the story 

Scout is like all the rest of the people in Maycomb As Scout grows older throughout the book she begins to have more opinions on things and is exposed to the truth about topics like racism and stereotypes During the Tom Robinson case she realizes truly how dangerous these prejudices can be On the other hand of the story there are some good people who are fighting for the right things and will even risk their own personal lives like Atticus when Atticus tells her not to say the N word when she is exposed to the truth of racism and when she decides not to fight Cecil Jacobs There is a famous saying it takes one to know one This relates to To kill a Mockingbird because Scout is a mockingbird due to her innocence and she is able to see that Boo Radley and Tom Robinson are also mockingbirds while those who oppress black people are not since their prejudices keep them from recognizing the innocence of those they hate Undoubtedly Harper Lee chose to tell her story through the eyes of a child to show that only through our own innocence can we overcome prejudice and recognize the good in others

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