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On February 12th 2009 Sen Judd Gregg R NH stood up for all Americans especially those who believe in republicanism and a limited government something at the time only conservatives supported His action was colossal as we look back on it he did something very important that day for all those who value limited government and a strong unflinching leadership By withdrawing his name from consideration for Secretary of Commerce he chose principle over career something many in his position would not have done Originality he was chosen by Obama to be the Secretary as Obama believed he was the best man for the job for his actions as the Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee as reported by the New York Times Senator Gregg is also well known for the fact he was an independent mind who was never afraid to look down on or disagree with his own party as reported by THE WASHINGTON POST

In Senator Gregg s statement he said It has become apparent during this process that this will not work for me as I have found that on issues such as the stimulus package and the Census there are irresolvable conflicts for me Prior to accepting this post we had discussed these and other potential differences but unfortunately we did not adequately focus on these concerns We are functioning from a different set of views on many critical items of policy A quote from The Daily Signal It had become evident to the New Hampshire Senator that the policy was not to advance the American economy in any way but rather a political action made by the left to boast a radical liberal agenda and ideology He realized that socializing healthcare would not stimulate the american economy nor was finishing the welfare system at the time of his action He realized this policy would not bring America out of dependency and into the realm of self reliance but rather would drop america deeper into the pit that is the welfare state Senator Gregg soon began even a greater stance against the executive branch and the Democrats by suggesting the idea that the Department of Commerce should maintain oversight of the independent U S Census

The White House had pressed for complete control with the Obama Administration later on having the director of the census report directly to the white house instead of the Department of Commerce as reported by The Hill Although Senator Gregg respected President Obama and his leadership he realized that the President needed a full level of support from his Cabinet and that conservatives needed a fully complete support of the Senate This action came at a cost like all actions of courage do this embarrassment and alienation of the white house ensured that the senator would be watched upon closely and would surely not buy him any favors at the least and at worst an antagonistic view would be in order Not to mention closing the door on the job of Secretary of Commerce takes a lot of strength It is a big jump to go from the santor of a state to a secretary of a national agency which would have brought new wealth perks and popularity which is basically a politician's dream Senator Gregg knowing fully that his vote would not stop the bill from passing had rather did his action to set an example for all conservatives and true liberals it stood as a symbol for all those truly liberal Americans to support a policy of smaller welfare and smaller government It stood as a message to let Americans be in control of their own economic livelihoods He did this knowing that if he chose to support Obama no one would blame him but he rather courgelsy to take it upon himself to send a message

The man has truly sent a loud message across the political spectrum that there are still good men out there who stand for Principle over their own Careers This is not the only time the man has risked his Career to uplift american principle In 2011 he was recorded saying I don't think we can afford Afghanistan much longer The simple fact is that it's costing us Good people are losing their lives there and we re losing huge amount of resources there So I think we should have a timeframe for getting out of Afghanistan and it should be shorter rather than longer A quote from HUFFPOST This brave statement once again alienated the executive branch and even parts of the Republican party the majority of which had at the time supported the war in Afghanistan and even the Senate Minority leader at the time Mitch McConnell had stated the Virtually all republicans support what the president is doing HUFFPOST This action not only continued to widen the gap between the he and the white house but also strained the relationship between he and his own party

 This would not buy him any favors and the Republican establishment would chose to outcast him and alienated him into one of the Republican Party s smaller factions The Man would sadly not be elected into any office again after his Senate term ended in 2011 But his selfless actions of courageous principle are to put an example in the minds of all conservatives and Americans that we are to what is right on principle and what is right for our ideals and values That politicians should not support bills and laws for political allegiances or to boost their career but rather to do it on what is right for all Americans our nation and overall our principles

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