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Introduction I have suffered a lot because I had a serious issue with time management This resulted in procrastination and accumulating tasks until the last minute Therefore I had very low grades and since I could not keep up with my social life and the college's requirements I constantly stayed awake to finish my assignments that should have been done before I will be explaining the importance of time management and how it can be improved according to Kolb s Theory Therefore this reflective journal was written in hope of identifying my past errors and finding effective solutions to solve my problems I feel that time management is an essential skill to acquire to become more effective in achieving my goals 2 0 Concrete Experience Time management has been a serious issue for me in my experience during my university study period I was terrible in prioritising tasks since I had no regular routine This is because I stayed up all night long to study for my upcoming exams and submit my coursework on time Yet I still wouldn't finish the task required because I used to rush my coursework 

Therefore this highly influenced my grades since my body was deprived of sleep so I couldn t concentrate nor learn efficiently Moreover due to the reasons mentioned above I have never been able to attend any of my lectures on time I always missed my morning lectures which are another reason for the fall of my grades Consequently I was forced to remain active during the night to compensate the material I missed 3 0 Reflective Observation Aside from that the obstacles I faced made me frustrated I was arriving late to my lectures which gave my professors a bad idea of my commitment to the course

Furthermore, the warnings I was taking from the college demotivated me Failure is the worst feeling ever I felt frustrated and miserable as nothing was working with me Consequently this incubated me in a corner where I couldn't do anything Moreover when I sat alone I took another look at my actions and rebuked myself for my recklessness 

This incident forced me to ponder and re-evaluate my behaviour which does not meet the expectations of the college I am attending 4 0 Abstract Conceptualization Based on the above I decided to get a planner in order to map out all my required task and the estimated time needed to complete each I am planning to raise my grades from an F to at least a C within the end of the term I realise that this is a difficult task yet it is not impossible I also plan on making an appointment with my college counsellor to help me organize a realistic schedule that suits my lifestyle and achieve my target since luckily I can benefit from various sporting options that my college offers to students I can therefore utilize these options to move closer to my goals 5 0 Active Experimentation To rid myself out of this issue I decided to take specific steps to make this realistic First I am intending to read articles regarding the topic of time management especially ones written by other students as I am sure I am not the only one suffering from this problem

Also, I feel that an electronic diary would change my whole life since the online calendar would be synchronized on my phone It will remind me in advance of my upcoming deadlines plus setting up constant alarms for smaller goals such as for example breaking down the word count limit Furthermore since I am failing most of my subjects I needed to set realistic dates to revise and restudy certain subjects, For example, I will be studying the mechanic's chapter and finish it by next Monday the end of the week Then I am aiming to finish the calculus chapter on the 20th of November Moreover I will devote 2 hours per day for the physics and math chapter To be able to submit my History 

The assignment I will wake up each day at 6 A M instead of 8 A M to work on it while guaranteeing that I get a decent amount of sleep These are the steps that I plan on taking in order to achieve my goals after consulting with my peers who seem to have improved after applying the above 1 0 Conclusion While working on this reflective journal I have realized that I need to set ambitious goals that are also realistic Following the advice of articles that I have read online worked quite with me However the thing that altered my pathway was getting a diary Fortunately the schedule worked and I was capable to raise my grades submit assignments on time and going to lectures on time Most importantly the best consequence has been that I mastered the difference between what's important for me which will not only help me succeed as a student but also in my future career

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