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Should vaccines be mandatory Should students be allowed to attend school without getting a vaccination shot Vaccines are boosters of the immune system This means that they prep the body s immune system to fight and protect against the spread of diseases The decision as to whether vaccines should be a requirement should come from an informed background about how the immune system works The immune system functions based on stored memory of the disease causing agents Depelsenaire 2016 For instance bacterial infection on a newborn once cured the immune system stores the bacterial agent information to enable it to remember the next time such an infection occurs It is critical to note that such an immune system is therefore susceptible to such infection than a prepped immune system Vaccination in most cases acts as a disease agent that has been rendered harmless The immune system recognizes this disease agent inoculated into the body in the form of vaccines and formed the first line of defense for such disease agents Vaccines therefore allow the body a fighting chance when disease strikes for the first time According to medical research and immune system studies diseases are fatal the first time they strike In this context vaccines save lives and protect against the spread of diseases 

A good example is malaria in African countries A tourist can easily bring the protozoan to America without their knowledge Vaccination prevents the movement of disease causing agents from one region to another Lastly vaccination is cost effective vaccines save lives and money too It is always cheaper to prevent than to treat a disease The routine childhood vaccination program in a one birth cohort saves the American government over 13 billion dollars in direct costs Every single dollar that is spent on vaccines saves up to 18 With the current economic times vaccination should be a requirement if the other aspects of survival are to be met Vaccination is therefore critical not just for survival but also for the costs and savings associated The risk of waiting for the natural infection outweighs the risks of vaccination This means that parents who would otherwise choose not to vaccinate are choosing the riskier choice It is also important to note that vaccines are not that smooth for some people Some children experience adverse reactions from vaccines as provided by VAERS Sukumaran These reactions present real risks to the people they affect In fact some of the reactions that children experience as a result of vaccines are forced to appear normal

Many parents are also forced to accept the events as normal and expected It is an issue of professional compliance 

By law physicians are expected to vaccinate on consent Sukumaran Some vaccine ingredients can also cause hypersensitivity reactions A good example is a newborn baby There is no way of knowing whether they are allergic to any of the contents of the vaccine Liu This means that to some extent such vaccination is blind and possibly dangerous to the newborn Extreme reactions may be rare but they occur Every life counts 1 in 1 million lives may suffer from these severe reactions but this is assumed as a very small number Lastly vaccination is not a guaranteed Just because someone is fully immunized does not mean that they are incapable of contracting an infection Strikas The understanding should be that vaccines help prevent diseases but it does not mean they do prevent diseases In conclusion vaccines are safe and arguably the best public health measure since the advent and advocacy of clean water It is also important to note that vaccines are not for everyone All parents want what is best for their children even if it means not agreeing on similar methods The best decision is only arrived at through information

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